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So most all homesteading activities had ground to a halt to prepare for his party. He wanted to have the party at the farm and he decided on the games he wanted to play while there.


Above you can see the massive field we turned into a maze/ battlefield. The picture was taken by my friend with his drone at about 500 feet(152 meters) up. Mowing the paths by hand was the hardest chore I faced in preparation for the party. It took about 45 hours total...but was well worth it. As we will use these paths to play in and ride the ATVs. Along with having hayrides for Halloween.

The games requested for the party were Nerf gun wars, Cocklebur Darts, three legged races, and capture the flag. He also had been wanting me to get his vine swings made. Three legged races are accomplished using old feed bags and Nerf wars are obviously pretty simple and there's no need to really make anything except a battlefield and that's done.


##So this is a game we just thought of this year. And we had no clue how well it would work. But we set out to gather the needed essentials. First, cockleburs....

Yeah, those are the guys. They are the seed pods for a plant that is native to our area. They stick to animals and people and fall off(or are picked off) and get to try to grow in a new area...pretty smart, if you ask me! They work better then Velcro at sticking to stuff!!! And other then those, all we needed was a target...



That was easy as well. I simply used different sized pots and pans to make the circles, wrote in the numbers and pinned it to a piece of cardboard using thumbtacks. Mission complete!!


So this one was my favorite because it was the most crafty. First we needed flag poles, so off to the woods we went in hunt of some young Hedgewood saplings. After finding those I went back to the house to make the flags. I grabbed an old pillow, gutted it and began making flags.


After tying them to our poles and putting different point values on each flag, we had completed another game and had flag poles that looked like this...


They will be hidden in the maze and the kids(and grown ups as well) will try to find as many flags as possible to earn the most points!


Part of maintenance of the forests where I live is to keep vines out of the trees as they can hurt them or even pull them over. This works out well for us as the way you kill the vines is to cut them near the ground.(This makes a real cool swing for free!)



Thanks for stopping in and taking time to catch up on what's going on in our little piece of the world. We love you all and hope all is going well for you!!!

All photos my own taken with my Kyocera phone.
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Happy Birthday @evans-adventures!!!! I hope you didn't miss with too many cockleburs and land them inside the car!!!

The kids all missed a few..luckily it was the future wife's car.😁😁😁 He said thank you too. And asked me to ask how you are doing.

Happy birthday Evan! Your dad is a genius!

I couldn’t believe you could create all these games so simply by adapting things around you! Amazingly fun post to read.

I hope Evan will capture most of the flags!
Good luck to birthday boy!

Love your post!

Thanks a million dear friend for your kind words. I will pass along your message to my son. And....yes, he actually win most of the flag competitions. I'm glad you enjoyed the post and hopefully you'll stay tuned as we prepare to build a house from stone from our Creek. Should be good times.😁

Oh looks like I missed out on the party. But I wont fail to say happy birthday to him.


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I'll pass it along! Thanks my dear brother. How are you doing by the way? I hope all is well.

Yeah! All is well. Really doing great and trying to cope with too many schedules this month.

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that's a nice party my friend, this kind of birthday is hard to forget. Evan for sure will treasure this moment. I know evan will love you more for doing this to him. Well of course, he is your son and he is your world. No matter how long the time you spent as long it's for your son. Congrats for making it a perfect birthday party.

happy birthday evan, more birthday's and healthy lifestyle. Momy and Dady love's you very much. May the love they gave will pass in you and you'll grow up a nice man. Be good as always Evan and be nice to all people like your father doing.

congrats my friend for this kind of celebration

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Thanks dear brother for your kind words. I truly try my best for him. And also hope that all the memories we make together will last a life time. I'll pass your message on to him as I am sure he will love hearing from you. Is your mom getting better? And how are you doing dear friend?

yeah, she's getting better. It's just part of her age that's why she's suffering nervous.. I'm fine friend, thanks for asking.
Yeah please tell evan, thank you in advance

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The rest of the world thanks you for providing Metres on your posts! Awesome. Happy birthday Evan!

Of course my friend! It's not you all's fault we got this one wrong.😁

Damn. John, you feeling ok man? 😂

We drive on the wrong side of the road LITERALLY ALL THE TIME!!! 😁😉

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Thanks for your team's support! It's truly deeply appreciated!

He grows up brother HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU MY DEAR EVAN wishes you more birthdays to come and good health enjoys your day.

Great to see the big guy excited for the big one..

Great achievements !! nice update.

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