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Part of our soon to be self sustained living will include harvesting some of our wild Whitetail Deer at the homestead.

Anyone who has hunted these animals knows first hand how difficult it can be. They are very aware and finicky animals. They are quick to run at the slightest noise or smell of anything human. They also have amazing sight, both day and night.


This is why i have recently installed game cameras to learn the times of day they move and in what directions. The results have been very good. As I have captured quite a few shots and learned a lot about their behaviors.


The picture above shows a young buck, maybe a couple years old.(also note...he is out in the middle of the day...not smart.) He would provide around 75 to 100 lbs.(34-45 kg) of meat in the freezer. A larger buck or doe could net 175-225 lbs(79-102 kg). So to be comfortable for meat stock for a year, we will need between three and five deer. This shouldn't be a problem as the population here is actually bordering on nuisance and I have caught pictures of a couple pretty large bucks.


This is one of the big boys and as may have noticed in the time stamp, he was there past 10:30 P.M.(Here it is illegal to kill a deer after sunset.) He is an old smart deer. And a lot of them have figured out by time they get that big and old, they can't be hunted in the middle of the night. So they turn completely nocturnal. If i am to have any chance at these kinds of big boys, I will have to play it smart and stay dedicated to the hunt.

*Yeah, I also discovered I have a small herd of wild turkeys.

But those are just pictures and can only tell me so much. I have been spending a lot of mornings and evenings sitting in my hunting stand, simply observing the deer as they graze. Also to learn their patterns and look for my best opportunities that may lie ahead. It is interesting to watch how they interact with one another and to watch just how absolutely on edge they are...always on point and prepared to jolt at any minute.

Providing your own meat for your meals is kind of like an ultimate do it yourself project. For there is a lot of planning, foresite, and payout involved. If you have never attempted a DIY meal(from woods to plate) I highly recommend it. Start small with a squirrel or rabbit for it is a lot cheaper. But the sense of fulfillment as you eat your meal, knowing you literally DID IT YOURSELF, is simply unexplainable.

So, please wish me luck as I attempt to keep my family fed without visiting the poison centers known as Wal-Mart and such.

*All photos are my own, taken with my Moultrie game camera.

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Yaayy.. you have a free wild meat market out there😉 it's good when there's a rule which prevent deer's night hunting. I hope you will catch any deer for your family.

Why is no wild boar around... ahaaaa the wild turkey for thanksgiving.. You Are Rich @johndoer123.. screw the wal-mart😃

Yes, free, except i do have to pay a small fee to the govt to kill the deer. But it is really a small fee because i hunt with arrows not with a gun. And yes, screw wal Mart!

I may cook some Deer Ribs today!

Sounds delicious. We got one last night so we were able to finish our school project. We had steaks from it's tenderloin. Feel free to check it out.

I know they are done by now...and it's been driving me crazy. How were they?

They were absolutely awesome!

I made enough for too big plate fulls and had seconds just before bed. I decided to make a boiled dinner with the ribs. I kinda wish I made more as I'm craving some more today. I will hold off for a day or two and then have some deer stake.

Are you able to trap the deer at night then kill them after sunrise? Do you plan on tanning their skins and selling the furs as well?

Nope. Can't mess with them at all at night. They will give you a "molesting wildlife" ticket and can make it illegal to hunt at all. And I'll be tanning them because I'm going to try to make a couple rugs and pairs of moccasins for us this year. And after that probably dressings for arrow quivers and a couple blankets. Not sure if I'll do much in selling them for a couple years.

well you can hunt them of course my friend since you're being knowledgable how to track them. True that most of the food in the stores have lots of chemical into it. It's better to eat food that you grew and the one you catch because there's an assurance that they only ate organic.

I love hunting my friend, that seems fun. I remember when we went hunting in the bug mountain of Mindanao, we caught wild boar.

as always take care my friend and have a nice dat.

I have never hunted wild boar, but have close friends who have. I hope to do that in a few years. I have to travel a little ways because they don't live near me. Did you kill any yourself when you went?

hahaha nah, it's not me shoot it. It's my cousin, it's not that big my friend but it's very old and the taste is so good. It's like there were seasoning already put it there. Wild animals is indeed very delicious

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I think you really enjoying hunting brother hahaha.

Absolutely. It gets me out in nature and allows me to get good clean food for just takes a lot more work then simply running to the store.😁

Good to know and I am happy because you are enjoying your trip.

Good to know and I
Am happy because you are
Enjoying your trip.

                 - chrismadcboy2016

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