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Turned out pretty rough. Our main "work horse" the three wheeler has broken. I believe the transmission broke as it is now completely locked up.

*Last picture of her taken getting Paw Paw wood to burn.(It has a natural insecticide in it that keeps the bugs away.)

She has been a great worker for us as we have had her about 9 years. I am not sure if i will be fixing or replacing her. But wish me luck either way....

I also managed to mess up my right ankle which has made this weekend almost pointless as far as getting work done. So, I did a little more clearing of the woods for paths and basically took it easy.


We did manage to find a few Paw Paw fruits and Evan was able to try them.



So what do yous think? Did he enjoy the new fruit or was it not to his liking? Let me know below, and as soon as i can I will upload his review he did and you all can find out.

Thanks for stopping by and I will have the actual homestead update out in the next 24 hours or so. I love you all and hope your weekend was great!

All photos mine taken by my Kyocera phone.

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I hope you fix her cause she would love to get better and run around as usual.

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We will be attempting to fix her. But she is so old we aren't sure if we will be able to get parts. But, my dad just gave us a 4 wheeler without even knowing ours had broken. It's an amazing ATV. I am so excited about it!

Wow that's good to know. What a coincidence. It's just happened as though he knew.

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Surely it's not just coincidence, right?😁😁 I hope things keep going this well so we can get this farm up and functional soon brother. Thank you for stopping in.

oh what happened to you ankle my friend? Take care, sorry my internet is suck again, I can't see some photos

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I got it caught in between the three wheeler and a tree. It seems to be doing a lot better so I don't think it broke too badly. And don't be sorry,I'm just glad to see you come by brother. How have you been doing?

still stuck at home because taking care of mom. She's a bit ill but hopefully I can go by next month to find a job in the City. While trying my best to earn in steem for basic needs and saving to use in going to the City. But so far I'm fine, thanks for asking.

take care always and God bless your family.

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Nice bike brother, It seems that bike has very remarkable to you? And I am happy to see you both the same likes Evan is growing up and learn more. You did the right things as a father borhter hope soon I can be like you to my son.

Yes, our whole family loves that bike. It has been a part of our family for ten years. Brother, you are a great dad. Just always work hard, and love your family even harder and you will be all the dad you can be. I love you brother. How is your family doing my dear friend?

Thank you brother your kind words is highly appreciated thank you so much.

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