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I am just blown away by the majestic form that the olive trees take, near where I live. I can’t believe I never spotted this one before, but what a wonderful surprise it was to come across her. She immediately lifted my spirits. How lucky we are to have such elders amongst us!

I have been in a cocoon for a while now, at times I have stepped out and mingled with others, but always I return to the comfort of the land I live on. I have had the opportunity to attend gatherings around Solstice and the end of December, but I didn't really feel like celebrating with others.


My celebrations of late have been quite and humble affairs. Being with my girls on the land, making suns on Solstice to welcome it's return, that is where my heart has laid. I have listened to myself and pushed myself to do what I think is expected of me. I am continuing to be gentle with myself.


Harvesting the Olives gave me the opportunity to work and socialize and then there was the open mic that I attended for a couple of hours. But my heart was not really up for any longer, not yet anyhow.


Today the local rastro was on and my two eldest girls wanted to go, I had given them a little bit of money for helping with the olives, so they were eager to spend it. I was in two minds whether or not to go, but in the end we went. Today I wanted to share some pictures I took whilst on our walk to the rastro.


My youngest no longer wants to be carried, so she alternates between running ahead or stopping to watch the ants go about their daily business. So the walk which would normally take 20 minutes took up to 40. But where I live is beautiful and there is always lots to look at and admire.


So we ran and then stopped, climbed onto walls, only to flatten ourselves against them whenever any cars or vans drove past us. I listened to my girls as they came up with numerous games and invented different persona’s.


I love how stimulated they are by their environment and the fact that they are surrounded by such natural beauty. It really shines through in the games they play and the songs that they are always making up.


I have heard them sing about the moon and the song and about how important the trees are. It really makes my heart sing to hear them express themselves in that way and to be so connected to the natural world. Something that I will help them maintain.


And then we were there, at the rastro. It was quiet busy and there was a lovely festival vibe to it, which is always the way. It takes place, nestled amongst some beautiful eucalyptus trees which creates such wonderful shade in the hotter months.


Lots of people to see and beautiful things to look at. My girls took their time choosing what they wanted, in the end it was a doll for one and a horse for the other. My youngest wanted a small green bouncy ball which she enjoyed immensely, as she threw it in front of her and raced to pick it up.


It was nice to get out and socialize for a while, but I longed to go back into my cocoon. This time of year is a difficult time. I find myself longing for some contact with my sister. But as I walked back home, I grew so grateful for what I have and for where I live. It is hard to not be positive when you are surrounded by so much beauty and when your children are wild and free.


And so I finish as I started with another view of this majestic olive tree. Let this be the last thing I think of, when I drift off to sleep tonight. This symbol of Peace, inspiration and insight

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I like the first photograph of your publication, I am also going to walk with my daughters in the afternoons, I think it is necessary because one can enjoy nature and thus recharge peace. My walk also lasts a long time because my daughters like to see insects and me the plants.

Happy day.

thanks @blessed-girl, happy day to you too xx

I guess another month until Im down there again, great to see photos, and the eucaliptus trees are still there 😀

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see you when you get here xx

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Aw, your girls are such nature babies.. how lucky they are growing up in such a nice place. Sounds like you are in your own gentle rhythm- I am.sure this year will see you expand and become into a new version of you, just like the olive trees, beautiful, sturdy and wise.

thank you beautiful, you always know exactly what to say to brighten up my day xx

I could so live like you guys. Would have hugged that olive tree. I love you its all written and conveys so much in form of sentiments as if one could smell the air. Love markets a lot, because so many creative people make cool stuff and showcase their talents.

ah thanks so much @yangyanje, I am glad you enjoyed it, I do love how I live xx

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That truly is a magestic old tree withall the knots and gnarls! Seems like it has gone through alot! Does it keep producing olive or does that diminish with age?
It is so wonderful that you and your family have such a deep connection to nature - it seems like a wonderful place to be raising your children!
Glad you had a wonderful day and I hope it carried on into you night too!
Thanks for sharing!

You're having some nice quality family time! 😃 The olive shot is WoW!

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