April/May Homeschooling Miscellany

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By necessity we ended term 1 pretty quietly with the Scitech homeschooling lessons. Occasionally one or both boys missed some lessons due to colds, which I didn't realise at the time was a taste of things to come.

After one of the lessons both of them got to, @shadowlioncub decided to blow some pocket money at the Scitech shop on some compound eye glasses. There was some hilarity when both of them had a go with it the first time. Apparently I still can't embed ipfs or d.tube videos into posts on SteemPeak (I'm kind of hoping that this will just appear without having to be requested because really? XD) so here's a link to the video I posted on d.tube three days ago.

One of the last two lessons involved programming an extremely basic AI to win an extremely basic game, and the paperwork task was to graph the robot's wins.

Top one is @shadowlioncub's, bottom one is @gorc's. They were told to do a line graph, however @shadowlioncub ended up putting dots in his so he could see what he was doing, and the facilitator said he thought that was a much better way of doing it than the line graph.

I watch a number of people on ArtStation and one of them posted an anagram in some artwork of a soon-to-be released game that you could apparently get a sneak peek or something at (I can't remember specifics now) if you could solve the anagram to get the password.

This kept us occupied for a good couple of hours at least. I was genuinely surprised that @shadowlioncub stuck with it for so long. @gorc came up with a few novel ways to try to solve it but in the end we admitted defeat.

@shadowlioncub had a cold on the second last Scitech lesson so I had to get JJ to stay home with him while I took @gorc. The task for that one was to work in a group to make a Rube Goldberg machine. Half the group would work on half the machine and the other half would work on the other half. Inspired by a machine in one of the examples to give a dog a treat (called the "good boy machine"), they decided to make a "bad boy" machine which would slap @gorc (who volunteered to be on the receiving end).

The facilitator was impressed with their group and intergroup communication and rapid iterative testing. Unfortunately while they successfully tested each component and possibly even the two halves of it they couldn't get the entire machine to run. They had been warned that they might not have time to complete this particular one.

After that class @gorc wanted to hang out at Scitech for a bit. He did investigate most of the things that interested him, but an inordinate amount of time was spent determinedly making a periscope that would utilise all the holes.

He very smugly got there eventually using up every available part. I did try to take a photo through one of the holes but couldn't get any good ones.

The last Scitech lesson where they would have gotten their certificates was missed because everyone but JJ succumbed to "a virus" (including yours truly who also received a bonus chest infection) which lasted for two and a half weeks. @shadowlioncub ran a high enough temperature to warrant a hospital trip and they kept him in for a few hours for observations and a urine test (which is how we found out it was "a virus"). It was not fun for anyone

Even after recovering everyone was left in a weakened/lethargic state and we didn't really feel like doing much. I did make a few attempts to get the boys to do work but they didn't really want to and I didn't really feel like pushing it. They all did get to hear controlled rants from me and JJ about people relying too much on antibiotics and flu vaccines and the delusion that you have to show up at any and all costs and whatever other excuses people come up with to completely ignore their or their kids' symptoms that show they're contagious and go to work/send them off to school anyway because that's how epidemics hppen when @pixietrix reported that one of her teachers had told her off for missing so much school (I had been texting in telling the school that she would be absent and why) and both JJ and I told her to tell them to call home then. The school has not rung at this stage and they will hopefully continue to not do so as they will get a roasting. I guess they have no way of knowing that my life will be infinitely easier if I don't have to deal with them and we'd go back to homeschooling rather than @pixietrix not showing up because she simply didn't feel like it.

The only other exciting thing that's been happening was the emergency renovations that had to be done on our main bathroom (some termites managed to circumvent our termite barriers some years ago and apparently had awesome fun times in the untreated timber supports in the bathroom which we didn't notice til now when the floor started slowly collapsing). The boys got to observe the process and help out here and there (but not much initially as we were all sick when work was started). We did remain housebound for a lot of it mostly becase aside from tilers and plumbers a lot of the work was done by my father in law and a friend of his with me and mother in law and the boys lending a hand every now and then when requested.

Weather permitting (because I don't like driving in inclement weather mostly because certain other people refuse to turn their lights on and don't seem to understand how to drive to conditions) I'm hoping to start getting out a bit more again now that everyone seems to be fully recovered.

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The cat wanted to study too, am sure 😎

If by “study” you mean “bat the pencil and paper around” then definitely 🤣

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lol! ...Gosh! based on how decked out the place is for learning must have been a huge pencil.

Termites are some of the scarriest bugs o.o
Also I hope the kids are all healed by now :) Great job on focusing on their health and not spreading the illness ^^
Also all those contraptions look fun but too complicated for me xD I've been having trouble learning new things lately :S Sucks growing old (25!) Haha >.>

Yeh I really don't like spreading diseases or other people doing so XD I got really mad at someone once because they forced their very sick child to go to school because the kid was going to a private school and the parent wanted to "get their money's worth" (because private school fees are cripplingly expensive and don't ask me how I feel about private schools in general). I couldn't even.

The idea behind Scitech is to play with the contraptions and see how things work (or figure it out XD). Pfft 25 young'un XD Wait til you're your grandparents' age ;D

Jeeez. That's messed up. When I was a kid, whoever got sick first would go to the doctor and we'd assume others got the same thing once they got sick too. Definitely stayed at home when sick even though we also went to private schools. Funnily I think we mostly got sick during non work days haha.

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