Wrapping up and a New HomeEdders Topic; Sharing Projects.

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The topic for this week was, what has been your biggest hurdle while homeschooling?

@ryivhnn jumped in commenting first with one most of us can relate to, money, as in the lack of. In a time where most families have to have both parents earning in order to get by, having one wage dropped can make finances pretty tight.

@trucklife-family touched on societal pressures in her post. These are things which can put a lot of doubt in your mind as to your ability and competence to be able to educate your own children.


@crosheille’s biggest hurdle was breaking away from the conditioning of schooling as she'd always known it.


Thank you to those who joined in the conversation either via posts or comments on any of the posts. SBI shares have been sent to @trucklife-family, @freemotherearth, @andrepol, @crosheille and @ryivhnn. This includes some late interactions from the previous question.

This week we'll look at a lighter topic and ask you to:

share a favourite homeschooling/unschooling project, past current or future.

If you're a home educator or are thinking about home educating, please join us on discord.


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That's a relief, thank you for letting us know! Glad it all went through okay.

Thanks for picking a lighter topic @homeedders! While I love being a home educator, it can be pretty frustrating to deal with all the "differences" that arise over the years dealing with the rest of the education system around us being so opposite of our methods and viewpoints!!! I will definitely have fun with the projects topic, we have covered so many different subjects over the years with projects to make it seem like it's not so much school work.
So in my own entertaining mind, this topic will be called "the spoonful of sugar" ~ because if only our kids really did get Mary Poppins instead!!!

Looking forward to reading about all the different projects.

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https://steempeak.com/homeschooling/@freemotherearth/fun-with-geometry Well, I guess I am glad @minismallholding mentioned this earlier! I completely spaced the contest that I was so excited to enter!! ~ but not to worry, I have now solved the problem! Enjoy!!!