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We are moving forward and turning the challenge into a Question of the Week. We won't be giving out a winner's prize, but rather giving out @steembasicincome shares as we go, for those who wish to get involved with the question. After all, this is an account for the home education community and SBI is going to benefit all of us.

You can get involved with the Question of the Week in any way you like; whether it's posting something on your own account or just conversing on the post. Whatever fits your schedule or takes your fancy.

It's worth getting involved with posts as we have multiple outlets for potential curation. You could be resteemed by the HomeEdders account, where we have followers looking for home education content. As we have a curator in the community, your post could be submitted to curators at both @Curangel and @c-squared. Then our connections to the homesteaders means that @homesteaderscoop could be dropping in on you and if you're a interested in the stitching crafts as part of your homeschooling, then our very own @crosheille runs the @needleworkmonday account and tag. We really have been lucky to have such a solid base to start on.

And don't forget you can use the #naturalmedicine tag on your homeschooling posts, where more curators await. Natural medicine people also love natural learning.

If this isn't enough to encourage people to share their homeschooling journey, I don't know what is!


Let's get on with the Question of the Week. Every family has a different story for why they started educating at home. We choose to for lots of different reasons. So this week the question is,

Why did you choose to homeschool?

Did you always know you'd homeschool, from the moment you had children?
Did something happen at school that prompted you to start?
Did you realise, as school age approached, that they might not be able to handle the school system?
What's your homeschooling story?

If you're a home educator or are thinking about home educating, please join us on discord.

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Ahh this is a bit more my speed, I'm good at comments XD

to some value of good

I got this one a lot more than the "what about socialisation" question. The tldr answer is "same reason anyone picks any other school".

Longer answer, I think it came about when one of the extended relatives mentioned we needed to start lookig "now" (when oldest was 6 months old) if we were going to do private school (which seemed to be the assumption as J and all his relatives all went to private school because "everybody" knows private school is better, more expensive therefore it must be?). We said we weren't doing private school. It probably prompted me to look into schools more and from there I found out that there was slightly more than "public" and "private" school options and when I descended into the infinite interdimensional rabbit warren of different styles of homeschooling that was a headache XD

Anyway the homeschooling thing was the one that felt right so I gathered up all my evidence together and got ready to go head to head with J, fully expecting a battle of epic proportions (well epic for me because I'm hopeless at debacling).

He started off following the script but must have just played everything out in his head (he is annoyingly smart) because within 5min he was enthusiastically agreeing with me. I wasn't quite sure what to do then, but had some idea of how the sales person at the Apple store must have felt when he was fully expecting to have to talk me through decisions and choices and possibly an upsell I rocked in there and informed him "I want a MacBook with [the specs I was after at the time]" XD

Our "caveat" for doubters and subconscious out for ourselves was that "we can always send them to school if it doesn't work out". Also in the spirit of "unschooling" we decided they could go to school if they chose to go themselves. To date the boys have never been to school and middle child got through 2 and a bit terms of first year high school after she chose to try it out this year.

Interestingly, this question has been coming up a lot less recently, replaced by a statement along the lines of understanding why I chose to do it (there seems to be general disgruntlement about the education system) immediately followed by explanations of why they can't do it.

The different styles of homeschooling overwhelmed me when researching until I started attending a homeschool convention. I had the chance to really see the options that fit best for us. Then there’s always that question “are we doing enough” that plagued me at the beginning. I am now more confident knowing that our family is not everyone else’s family and just because one way works for the Smith’s doesn’t mean it’s going to be what’s best for us.

The joy of homeschooling is if one way isn’t working you can always change up the game until you find what does work.

I have to agree and say this would have been a great post for you! You have more in you than you think ;D

To this day I am still plagued by "am I doing enough?" I think it's just a deeply ingrained terrible mental habit though as it applies to everything not just homeschooling ^_^;

We're officially "eclectic/natural learning" according to the reports I get back from the moderator.

I can't do answers to questions as posts on their own even if I refer back to the question. I don't know why XD I'm going to blame essay writing at school and uni, I was pretty great at it because I can waffle on like nobody's business and usually even sound like I have at least some idea what I'm talking about but I hated every pointless second of it.

Also I would have to include at least shenanigan sketchies into a post because suddenly I need to put images in posts XD

That is so very true. I question myself in that way with other things as well.

Hmmmm I like the sound of that...

eclectic/natural learning

That sounds like the direction I am heading towards with our school.

Lol you are so hilarious but I do get it. 😄

Well, that's truly a post. Maybe you do it like I did: Write a post and put "comment" in the title. Then first put the reference to the question. Don't think about photos, yet there's pixabay where you can easily find some color to your text. !invest_vote

Doesn't work because I'LL KNOW XD For that exact reason I can't shortcut a lot of things in drawing or 3d or even writing because even if no one else will ever know unless I tell them I'LL KNOW and it gravely offends my integrity.

I'm diffcult like that x_x

I usually try to use my own photos or drawings in posts so I only ever look for other people's pics if something needs to be illustrated accurately.

I'm the lion sin of pride -_-

I see. Yet I don't understand. You shortcut your thoughts into a comment, did you? xoxoxo

I don't think I can do a good job of explaining mostly because the reasons are illogical anyway XD

Plus I'm overtired and sleep issues never stay sorted

@andrepol denkt du hast ein Vote durch @investinthefutur verdient

I think you just wrote a post there anyway! 🤣

I remember the conversations that the playgroup mothers were having when their kids were about 1, as to which school they would be attending. This was back in England, so private schools don't even come into the equation unless you're WEALTHY! When I questioned it, the consensus seemed to be that you had to get in early or you wouldn't be able to get them into the school you wanted. I called bull and enrolled them in kindy when they were old enough. It turned out to all be a load of tosh unless you wanted a school outside your zone.

Only my progblogs are that short 😜

Eh I suppose hs misc can also be that short if I put in more pictures that text which is what I think the current one is 😅

Now you're just trying to put me to shame.

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LoL no so much, I'm just bad at writing short things ^_^;

Hey @homeedders! In the meantime I have done a posting that at least touches the question on why we chose to homeed. Hope you like it. https://steemit.com/nodapl/@andrepol/recall-standing-rock-auch-deutsch

PS: Comment upvoted within seconds, so the curation reward is gonna be burnt, for better visibility above the bots.

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I was able to get an early jump on this! Yay! 😄

Here’s my entry for participation purpose only...