First Topic of the Year, How do Your Children Learn?

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I'll start with a big thank you to @kennyskitchen who has delegated SP to us via the @tribesteemup account. We are now at over 7000 SP for upvoting all the wonderful homeschooling and unschooling content on Steem.

So on that note, I thought we should post the first topic of the week for the year. Something which comes up now and again is how everyone learns differently. Often we end up homeschooling because traditional schooling isn't working for our child. We also all have different approaches to how we educate our children, whether it's curriculum based, Montessori, unschooling, eclectic or any other approach that suits the family.

We invite you to share with us,

How do your children learn?

Remember you can join in however you want. Talk to us in the comments or make your own post.



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I...actually don't know these days as they do a lot of things on their own now XD

Youngest still very much prefers being in the thick of things rather than reading about it.

If you're talking general approach-wise we're mostly "natural learning" and have done forever. It seems to be working out for us so I just keep doing it.

I guess that answer in itself is the biggest hint that you do natural/child led learning! 😆

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yeah that is wonderful news about the delegation and I am looking forward to answering this question xx

Looking forward to the responses.

here's my response, looking forward to reading some others xxx

I don’t have kids yet but I really hope that when I do I can find a physical community that can work together. I hope this can help we can bring all the right people together to make it easier here.

Community support is worth it's weight in gold. Which country are you? I know it's harder to find physical homeschooling communities in some countries than others.

I’m in Japan...Tokyo of all place. I know some people who love the idea but found it hard to do in the city. Some friends started their own school when their kids were not yet junior high school age but now their kids mostly go to regular school and just get unschooled afterwards. I guess they think it’s fine for the kid to see all the contradictions and learn to live with them while also developing their own ideas. It seems to be working out but I would really hate to see my kid go to a regular school knowing how much more is out there for them to learn