A Way to Relieve Tension

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Homeschooling my children brings me much joy for many reasons. It also brings on tension and stress at times. My husband and I want all of our children to succeed and do well and even soar higher then we could ever imagine. The reality is that it takes hard work to get them there...some more than others.

I noticed myself getting tensed up, impatient and frustrated this week when one of my students kept forgetting a basic concept. I removed myself to take a breath and went to grab some work. I grabbed a blanket I am currently making for my daughter that she requested. My mother had a piece of crochet work that was given to her (the colorful part with the blues and purples) that was crooked and unfinished. I decided to crochet around it to even out the sides and make that first piece the center piece of the blanket.

I took my work back into the school room and sat down as my students were working. I began teaching again, crocheting in between my talking and it was really refreshing. When everyone is busy doing independent seat work I sit nearby ready to assist as I work calmly on this blanket. It works well as a calming agent because I don’t have to look at a pattern or figure out stitches, it’s just a smooth ongoing process.

So from now on, I will have an easy WIP with me in the school room to grab when I need to release some tension :)

I love it when we can find simple solutions to help our days go smoother!

Crocheting to Relieve Tension!


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My wife has a co-op meeting today with some other mothers. She plans to ramp up homeschooling full force at the start of next week. Glad you have found something that helps you stay relaxed as you labor for the education of your kiddos.

That’s great! My husband and I were just talking about co-ops. We have been praying we find one that’s right for our family or even start one if we can’t find like minded people in our area (we’ll be moving soon). I wanted to wait till the kids were a little older and I could handle them all by myself when meeting. My youngest is now one so I should be able to manage more.

I think it’s so important for us homeschool families to connect with others to support one another along this long journey. I look forward to connecting with other families and prayerfully seeing our children make life long friendships.

May I ask how your family found your co-op? Like were there already mutual friends or was it by word of mouth? I’m in the process of searching this out so that I can be ready when we move.

I agree that finding a like-minded group is important. Our youngest is 9 months so we understand the desire to manage the kiddos when at the co-op.

When we moved to our current city we meet another family at church who had lived overseas and homeschooled. My wife and the other lady started up a conversation and the rest is history. There were some other families that were interested as well. We are starting our second year of co-op next week.

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That is so awesome and encouraging to hear! I’ve been praying for us to meet some families we can connect with. There are several at my church that homeschool but we haven’t had that opportunity to connect. Honestly since our fifth child was born it’s been more challenging getting up and going to church. We need to make more of an effort to get there every week.

Thanks so much for sharing.

Understand how hard it is to get the family to church. We have 6 kiddos. Praying that you find authentic connections.

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Wow 6! How beautiful! 😊 You all definitely understand.

Thank you so much, I greatly appreciate that.

I love that pop of color that the yarn gives. I have worked with that "bubblegum" red heart yarn before too. Its my favorite.

I love reading your posts, especially ones like these where you are able to keep yourself calm and be productive.

Hope you're doing great. Just stopping by to say hello.

Thank you! I really love this bright color too!

It’s so nice of you to stop in ~ 😘

That is awesome! I hope you do find that co-op! It was one of the best things about homeschooling for me!

It allowed me to extend the teachings to things I was not proficient in. All of my kids learned piano and I swapped by teaching French to several families. We incorporated many different classes by people who were experts.

I organized a higher level science class and we went to see an open heart surgery from the upper theater, with permission from the patient. We lived in Washington, DC (the first time) and did history downtown on one day a week, exploring the government and watching bills be passes, getting a library card from the Library of Congress and getting private tours of the White House and the Capitol... Even the House of Representative and Senate... the possibilities are endless and hooking up with the right people too!

I am not an artist, but one girl was and my kids got the best art class ever!!!

Not only did it give them unique opportunities, but, it also gave me a short reprieve, which we don't like to admit we need. I love my kids, but, this was a savior. And yes!!! The crocheting would be peaceful... no thoughts, just work. Love it!!!

Good luck in finding the right co-op for you!


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