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Upon the return from our trip to the bank we saw this on our front porch!...



What's in a box of awesome you may ask... And we will get to that soon enough. But first let's take a look at this the box itself... First, every inch of the outside is beautiful and screams, "Open me!!! I'm amazing!!!" Secondly, have you ever wondered how much a box of awesome weighs? Mine weighs 63 pounds(28.5 kg). But, back to the box...


As you can probably tell Evan is looking pretty excited about this box. There is two reasons for this...First, he's been waiting on this for a while and secondly because he knew he was going to get to open the box with his new Blue Dragon Dagger!!!





Due to several concerns i have for my son and the direction of the public school system, I have decided to take the plunge...and cunduct private schooling in our home. So inside is his whole years worth of 3rd grade school curriculum. In the box it looked like this...


Once unpacked it took up a considerable amount of space....the whole floor in our little classroom.


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wait..the blue dagger is awesome evan and the box also. So what's inside the box is full of books for the whole 3rd grade year. I wonder who put it there, it's obvious that it's you my friend. Just guessing by the way. lol
Actually the face of evan in excitement was entertained me. He was so excited and happy, well I couldn't ask for more brother but the happiness for you both.

By the way I look forward what will you do in your farm next..
have a nice day brother and stay safe..

Great! congrats evans you have a lot of toys LOL!. can you share your toy to ma san.. Wot! LOL. I though it was a toy

husband and father, farmer, leader, helper, and now teacher??? Ohhh my, you are keeping busy these days @johndoer123 ;)

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Why do I have this feeling this box of awesome idea was all you Johndoer?hahahahha..
Anyways, it seems evan is very happy and that's what truly matters.
Stay blessed friend

Oohh No😱! I love the dragon dragger too😍 so Evan is going to homeschooling .. that's great and he can learn more than any kids at school could have, close to the nature and it's a life skill.

I hope that you and Evan have fun on building the farm, who knows.. I can come to visit one day 🤗