Holybread-Play🙂 Games-Earn⚡ Tokens! ( Free🌍 to Play ).

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Holybread fully game playable for free. The only requirement is a Hive account which is used to enter the game. There are ways to spend money which mostly grants more comfort but also some other advantages. The game is made for having fun. With or without money, there is always someone to compete with.


Join⚡Holybread and have fun. Thank🙂 you so much if you choose to use my referal link. Cheers🙋‍♂️!


ok, so I used the link but i cant see how to get the bread out. I can see how to get it in but not out.

Thank 🙂you for choosing to use my link to register in #holybread⚡ game. You can find more info about the game if you check this link https://www.holybread.io/faq/ ..maybe that link will help you. I'm at the beginning and I'm still looking for some answers. From what I notice in the game there are 3 forms of currencies:- Bread/Gold and Breadcrumbs. Ok that Breadcrumbs currency seems to be the most precious. Try that link and you will get more information. At this moment i have Gold and Bread but no Breadcrumbs⚡. Insist on the fights in the arena, I'm trying my luck ... maybe I'll be among the first😅. From what is present on that FAQ page, it looks like that token Breadcrumbs can be tradable with other players on Hive-Engine⚡.Cheers🙋‍♂️

Do you think this is a game where team work is important?

As far as I can see, no teams can be formed between players, but it would be quite interesting if the game developers would implement this option in the future and maybe some noisy effects. By the way, if you win some equipment after completing missions and have good stats,you can also earn Hive by selling them on the market to other players. Today is 3 days since i started playing this game and i'm still not fully familiar with the features that this game offers. From what i notice in the arena there are players with lvl.300, quite hard to get there but i think it's worth a try.