HolyBread ! New game to earn from. (Introduction)

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Hey y'all, today I want to introduce you to this new game called HolyBread
They have a currency called BreadCrumbs on Steem-Engine.

So what is this HolyBread game ?

Well it's simply said a RPG Game on Web Browser.
This is the main navigation tool in the game, this is where you can choose between different activities.

So I am briefly going to go over all of these activities


Quests sound fun, and they are :D
but they might sound a bit complicated at the start, but that's what makes them fun I think.

Firstly you are treated by this page, where you are shown your Energy (Aswell as your Saved Energy).
To get a quest you just simply ask for one, assuming you have energy stored up. (Energy regenerates automatically)
When you finally ask for a quest, you are always given 3 quest options.


I have gone and chosen Quest 3 for myself, what is a Mushroom Stew quest, and it takes no items and only 10 minutes.
So I need to chill around the site for 10 minutes and then it will be completed.
(you can choose to skip the time by paying with Bread)

And I have completed one of the quests, and here I get my rewards.


Heroes are the R in RPG
Assuming by this page we can only unlock 3 heroes.
You get a free hero when signing up (you get to choose between Archer, Mage and a Warrior) I have gone with the Archer.

Here you can equip different stuff to your heroes and upgrade their skills.
Also you can see the average Damage per hit / Hitpoints / Crit Chance and Bonus (which is different for every class)
Levelling up skills costs coins which you can get from quests.



Here you can see your heroes, and assemble your team with them.



This is where the fighting goes down.
You are shown 4 enemies with similar ranks to you.
The higher your rank the more breadcrumbs you get every time Arena Rewards are distributed.
The fighting is automatic just like in Splinterlands


I started off with the first hit which is nice, and I end up winning this dude which earns me 5 coins and a higher ranking place.


Shows everyones Rank, Level, Amount of Heroes and Breadcrumbs (per 15 min) ?
I wonder why the last information was added, but I guess it's cool :D

Item Store

A really important place, because here you can aquire all the weaponry and armor.
You can refresh the store with Bread, or wait for the time for new items in the store.

Hovering over items shows stats for them, and I am guessing by the "Shopkeeper gold left today" that we can sell items in here aswell for gold.

I actually bought a hat for my archer which boosted the damage by over double (from 7 to 14)
So I really suggest gearing up.


From the Recruit TAB you can get yourself more heroes (which seem to be costing Bread, so don't waste it)

And as you can see different Heroes give different attributes. And actually many are bought quite quickly.
Also this is no Item Store where you can just refresh for new ones whenever you like. Here you NEED to wait for the timer for new heroes.


In the bakery you can Bu. . . Bake bread with the help of a master chef.


Finally there is the market

Where real players make real trades between each other (Transacting with Steem)

So I don't know what you are waiting for, Go join HolyBread Now !!!
also join their Discord


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