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We all need leisure time and "mental hygiene", so many hours we spend browsing the internet, reading and analyzing interesting articles and even writing, we are often overwhelmed. Then we need to find a good option to combat that stress load. What better way to do it but playing? And if in addition to having fun we can also earn some money then we have found the perfect combination.

This is possible with Holybread.

The new RPG game built on the Steem Blockchain that allows you to win real money.

The creators of Holybread have emphasized that the main objective of this game is to have fun and have a fun time, but let's be honest, we are in blockchain and we all want to get tokens.

A feature of the game is that it is Free!

You just need to have a steem account to login and play. If you want to have a complete experience you can invest using your steem and thus enjoy advantages that will allow you to move faster, gain experience and earn tokens.

Holybread Launch 27th January 2020!

Currently the server is in countdown and the first Heroes auction is being held. There will be three rounds of auctions and the official launch of the server on Monday, January 27, 2020 1 PM UTC + 1.

During this round you can bid for special heroes that will not be available again in the game. These will be unique heroes with superior abilities. Players who possess these heroes will also be able to sell and exchange them (just like you can exchange Splinterlands cards) once the server is launched.

Pre - Register Stage is Live!

Just over 24 hours have passed since the pre-registration began and almost 500 users go! Do not miss your chance to be part of this great Game.

Special Gift

The creators of Holybread have arranged at this stage of pre-register the possibility of obtaining 20 breads (game currency) for free by simply entering using Keychain or Steemconnect.

Also during this pre-register stage, a referral link program will be realized. By registering you will get your link with which you can invite your friends.

Share your ref link and earn 5% of all bread purchases made by your referrals!

Thematic & Environment

The design and graphics of the game offer a medieval atmosphere where we can find castles, halls lit by torches and things like that. The illustrations are funny cartoons of role-playing characters that we must equip with items which improve their combat skills and allow us to gain more experience while climbing the ranking, which translates into greater rewards.

These characters must perform "missions" and fight in "battles" individually or in teams with a maximum of three members.


I am proud to belong to the community @project.hope, we are a small well organized team who are always working to support the promotion of the construction of new projects in STEEM Blockchain.

Recently we had the pleasure of being invited by the creators of @holybread to be part of their beta testing team.

For several weeks we were able to play and serve as a test for developers to adjust and refine all the necessary aspects in the dynamics of the game.

Being in contact with the developers behind this project we could see that they are a very receptive team of professionals. People like them are the ones that we must support in Steem Blockchain since they are capable of bringing real value to the blockchain.

I invite you to follow the @holybread account, register and play.
You can also join their discord server.

Maybe you could join the game using the reference link of @project.hope?
Link: https://www.holybread.io/?ref=project.hope


Partners supporting my work:

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Project Hope Venezuela is an initiative created to grow.
You See more about it at:



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Hello friend @juanmolina
Thanks for sharing the information about upcoming game and I have done the login using your link.Excited for 27 Jan now. Thanks.

On behalf of the team @project.hope I thank you very much!
We appreciate your support.
See you in the game!

This is great news. I adore video games but there is always something kind of more important to do around and last time I enjoy prolonged immersive playing was almost ten years ago, in the time of Fallout:New Vegas. Now with the posibility of earning and growing my steempower while playing , with this game, :) I can finally give myself a justification to just sit down and play. Thanks for this information.

Great comment @borjan!

Thanks for your support.
I am convinced that @holybread will be a success.
See you on 27!

Thanks for the invitation. I've read something about this game. But I'm not a player, so I'm not looking for information and games. However, I wish the game a lot of success.

I share your opinion: I don't look for games either. For me blockchain is about other things. But thanks to the opportunity I had to be part of the beta testing team, I could tell that this game is well structured and developed, for this reason it goes beyond a simple fun. It will also allow me to earn some extra steem.

Thank you very much. ´ll see you on 27!

You are Welcome :-)

Sehr schöner Bericht.
Da lasse ich noch ein bisschen Trinkgeld da.

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Thank you.
I recommend you try it on January 27 when the game is released.

Dear @juanmolina

I also had a chance to be part of beta-testing team and I must admit, that I found playing @holybread quite entertaining.

It's one of the very first games build on top of STEEM blockchain and developers will surely face many challenges. However I strongly believe that @auminda and @thebluewin will deliver product, which seriously bring more value to our blockchain. And it can inspire others.

Personally I believe that this is one of those teams, which should receive our support. And investing our time to try it their product is one of the best ways of showing this support. So game on! :)

Let's start on 27th!

Upvoted and resteemed already,
Yours, Piotr

Certainly @crypto.piotr, you're right!

The Holybread developer team strived to achieve a quality product with this gamebrowser.

During the tests the system behaved very well and the observations I could make to them were very few.

ps: I loved this phrase:

Let's start on 27th!

A few days ago I came across news of this new project in the block chain. I already received my ration of bread :)

It looks very promising from everything you tell us. I celebrate the opportunity they had to be testers of the game, it's great.

Total support and success for the project!

pd: Congratulations to @project.hope for being recognized in the best way.

Hello dear @yonnathang.

I really enjoyed playing during the test.
I recommend this game, thanks for the support brother.

Did you use our referral link?

I suppose so. We're making quality products on the platform.

I arrived with the original publication or I don't remember if it was the "lanzjoseg".

Thank you dear friend.

Hey @juanmolina, here is a little bit of BEER from @dotwin1981 for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking.

Thank you.

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Thank you very much @investinthefutur

Congratulations and thanks for sharing a little piece of bread with many.
I love that you can make money playing.

The only thing that is ageless is jahajaha love but really this for me is a mandarin language.

I congratulate you on everything I can acquire. And if one day I can serve here, I will be. Thanks : @juanmolina.

Hello dear @lisfabian.

I recommend you try it on January 27 when the game is released. It is easy to play and very fun.
You are always welcome friend, thanks for the support.

Thanks for invitation, I hope it becomes successful game.

Hello dear @hairyfairy.

Thank you for your kind response. I hope you enjoy the game starting January 27.

Did you use our referral link?

Yes, I did.

Thanks for you attentive answer.

Thank you very much for the gift :)

I Just join the holybread and join to take promote to our friends. And today, was get 1 affiliate :)

Thank you to supporting me :)

Thank you very much for support.
I hope you enjoy playing.
You are always welcome dear friend.

Thank you for the invitation, dear @juanmolina. This could be a funny way to start the year in Steemit.

Please, try the game. I´m sure you´ll enjoy it.

Thanks for support dear friend @spirajn.

Hello dear @juanmolina.

Belonging to @project.hope and having the opportunity to be part of that team of people who were invited to try the game in the first instance was a great experience.

As part of the test group I can say that holybread, is a game that by its characteristics will attract the attention of the public, is a very dynamic, entertaining game and best of all it gives you opportunities to win chips both with the referral link, the game itself and the exchange of heroes and other options.

I definitely look forward to this next January 27 to start playing Holybread.

I definitely look forward to this next January 27 to start playing Holybread.

Let's all play on 27!

I'm not much of a gamer, but I've registered, and will be interested in taking a look at it once it goes live.

Thanks for support dear Sir.

I'm not a fan of computer games either, but during the tests I had a lot of fun with Holybread.
I hope you like it. See you on 27!

the game is not adapted for mobile use, its very hard on the eyes

its very hard on the eyes

I'm sorry to hear that.
I hope your experience is more enjoyable using a PC.

@drlobes you are right but we are working on it.

a good game

I´m glad you like it.

Thank you for support dear friend.

This post has received a 3.13 % upvote from @drotto thanks to: @crypto.piotr.

Thank you very much.

Would you mind resteem this post to get more exposure?

Interesting. re steeming here!

Oh you´re so kind!
Thank you very much.
I hope you use our ref link. ´ll see you on 27!

This sounds interesting and brings more fun to the blockchain :)
I already registered via the reference link of @project.hope.

Thanks @crypto.piotr for bringing this to my attention!


I already registered via the reference link of @project.hope.

Thanks for support dear frien.

Don´t forget: you´ll can earn real money while playing.

This looks like a great new approach for using the Steem system. I only wish I had time to give it a proper trial. Too much vying for my time these days...

You can surely find a few minutes to try it out and free yourself from stress.

Good luck! ´ll see you on 27!

Ok, I registered with the PH referral link. A 1000 km journey begins with the first step... ;)

A 1000 km journey begins with the first step... ;)


hope walking with you on this trip.

Love this application of the Steem blockchain. Looks like we're still growing.

The growth of Steem Blockchain does not stop, we are on the best platform, we just have to trust the team and be patient because the recovery of the price of the currency is on its way.

Interesting stuff,

@crypto.piotr notified me of this game and I'm happy he did. I will visit the webpage and take a look around once I have more time to do so.

I wish you the best with your project.

Thanks for you support!
Did you use our ref link?

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I appreciated it.

Upvote and resteem, @jaun molina
It seems interesting

It´s so funny dear @mllg.
I hope you enjoy it. Just try out on 27!

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Oh! thank you.
I like coffee a lot.

Wow! I can't wait to play this game 😁. It's gonna be very interesting and fun fulfilling 😁

Hi dear @hardaeborla.
Please, Don´t forget to use our ref link.

Play and enjoy it.

Yeah... No problem

thanks for this info @juanmolina and @crypto.piotr,
to be honest, I am already bored with drugwars and I started to look for something new in steemit blockchain, so it is perfect that you came out with this game right now. Obviously I already have opened my account via your ref link. Today I am a bit tired but tomorrow morning I will check this game closer and will also drop another comment with first opinions about it.

Have a nice evening and thanks for memory about me ! :)

Thank you very much dear friend.
I appreciated it.

well, to be honest, there is not much to explore right now and it seems that we all have to wait patiently till 27th January or participate in bidding auctions
anyway, i will follow this new game, its worth to be an early adopter

For now you can join the hero auction.
Characters are available that will not be on sale again and have powers superior to other characters.
See you on 27!

I see bread everywhere

! Monster

Hello @daniella619. How you doing?

We´ll see you on 27?


Do you know that it is very rude to give that answer?
Especially write in capital letters.
Even more in that large font size.

I mean, you just insulted me. Yes, you did, although I don't feel offended.

The Holybread game will be launched on January 27.
You commented on my post and I thought you had at least read it.

I just asked you that question inviting you to play on the 27th.

I've checked the holybread website and it haven't launched yet, and since I like video games, it's fun to play with friends as well as challenge with them. I thought we can earn SBDs here, but it's ok for I will try to join contest instead... God bless you...

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Thank you for using the referral link.
The game will begin live on the 27th of nero.
For now you can join the auction of epic heroes.

See you on 27!

Thank you @juanmolina for the newest game to be launched on January 27, 2020, I support it

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Thank you for support @f21steem.
You are always welcome.

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