Buyback + Bot Bans

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This is a short report about Holybread.

Buyback of Breadcrumbs

Today we bought back 187,000,000 Breadcrumbs (HBC) from users on Steem Engine. We used approximately 1189 Steem.
Breadcrumbs were bought in two waves throughout the day:

  1. sebuyback1.png
  2. sebuyback2.png

You can see the history on Steem Engine:

The next buyback will be on next Sunday (7 days from now).

Note: Every week we use 20% of the whole prize pool to buy back Breadcrumbs from users.


As you know bots are not allowed in Holybread (
We want to prevent users from using bot armies with the only purpose to farm items, heroes and breadcrumbs with the intend to earn Steem.

To protect the value of our real players's ingame assets we are always actively searching for bots.
So far we have banned 401 automated accounts from Holybread and will keep on banning bots.

Additional note

Some players seem to have hopes to get rich fast playing the game. That won't happen!
It is possible to make gains but most people won't! This is a game and it's main purpose is to have fun. Earning money is just a very little side option next to having fun. Some people seem to forget that.

The game is in its very very early stage. The current gameplay is the least playable version. If you are already having fun that's great. If you are only playing to get rich that probably won't work.

We are working on the game but it will take time and a lot of work to make it a really great game. You have to start somewhere I guess..

Our main goal is to grow with the Steem community and be one of the many reasons for Steem's future success. (Maybe you can get rich at some point but only through increasing the value of every single Steem!)


Hi @holybread team have you considered adding the possibility of merging 2 objects together?
For example sometimes I find some object with only one strong buff, like shoes with 50+ luck, but i don't use it because it is not convenient if i will lose some other important buff.
Will be awesome if one could combine 2 object to create one stronger.
Of course that possibility will have a cost, i don't know bread,gold...
What do you think about?
Bye and thanks for your job

That's really an interesting idea.

:) thanks!

Thank you very much for your suggestion. We think that this is a really interesting idea, which will probably be added at some point in a similar way.

Ohhhh yeah!! It will make me very happy!! Thank you so much for considering me!!
Have a good day :)

Can we see the banned user list somewhere ? I am quite curious to see if any familiar names pop up :D
Then I could laugh at them while I can still play the game

I would love to see a list too. Not so much a laughing matter for me, I've spent hundreds of Steem on this game.

A little public shaming, for sure.. Let's do it..

I'm sure some will disagree with my logic, but idgaf

There is no public list. We believe it's not a good idea to name and shame people in the public.

Thanks for the update! It's really cool what you are doing here...

There's a nice opportunity to make some money by trading HBC on Steem-Engine. I'm currently doing this, and I have to say it, it is as entertaining as the game itself. I hope you will not ban people from trading Breadcrumbs...

People can trade HBC on Steem-Engine as much as they want. This is not against the game rules.


I kinda like the "slow" pace of the game honestly. Building characters, finding gear now and then.... yup. It's not a bad deal at all. I wish buying bread was a little more clear on the "how to" list in the FAQ. But after some time on discord I figured it out. Keep up the fine work gang!

Happy to hear that you can take some countermeasures against bots.
I am looking forward to more gameplay.

Keep up the good work :)

You guys are kicking ass, keep doing what you are doing! This is by far my most favorite game on steem. Hell yeah it's cool to make some money playing an awesome game but I'm honestly just happy to pay for my in game upgrades every week! Thanks for making such an awesome game, I couldn't be happier ;0)

Yeah, I hate that bots too. In steemmonsters game, few people were selling them and bunch of players bought them.

Still didn't get bored with Holybread @worldfinances? :)

this only takes a minute per day to do main things. I can deal with that. If it would be really interesting, you would play it for few hours daily :)

Hi again @worldfinances

Can I ask you for little favour? I joined contest called "Community of the week" with project I manage and I would be grateful if you could RESTEEM it and help me get some exposure and drop some encouraging comment :)

Link to my post: on steemit or on steempeak

Thanks :)
Yours, Piotr

Yous are doing a great job!

Good job

Interesting post..

I am excited for further updates! I see potential for this game. Btw are you looking for an artist for your artwork/avatars? My friend is an illustrator and might have time to help.

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Do Breadcrumbs have any in game value? Can I use them to buy items, or make bread?

Thanks in advance...
Loving the game. Playing it everyday.

There is no ingame value yet but that will change until the end of this month ;)

Thanks guys. LOVE the game!