Buyback 23.02.2020

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This is a short report about the buyback in Holybread.

Buyback of Breadcrumbs

Today we bought back 215,000,000 Breadcrumbs (HBC) from users on Steem Engine. We used approximately 1022 Steem.
Breadcrumbs were bought in three waves throughout the day:

  1. buyback1.png
  2. buyback2.png
  3. buyback3.png

You can see the history on Steem Engine:

The next buyback will be on next Sunday (7 days from now).
Note: Every week we use 20% of the whole prize pool to buy back Breadcrumbs from users.

Over the last 7 days about 369 million Breadcrumbs were distributed to players.


Good stuff :)

I am sure you got a good reason, but why are you declining the rewards for this post though? You could add them to the pricepool instead :)

Thanks for visiting my blog 👍💞💞💯💯

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