December Daily Send-A-Wreath: December 28, 2019

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Photo taken by and given permission to use by @brittandjosie

A special holiday greeting goes out to the Discord-BOT friends in our server and their awesome developers!

Discord-bots we use that were developed by fellow Steemians:


BANJO is easily one of the most useful bots we have! Besides helping us keep up-to-date on crypto prices, Banjo also helps us to reward members of our Discord with the $tip command. Many thanks for a wonderful and helpful tool, @inertia Top pick!!! ⭐️

BDExchange allows Discord users to perform actions on the Steem-Engine exchange from within Discord. That is incredibly useful, although only a couple of our members have subscribed to the service thus far. Thank you, @reazuliqbal

CRIMBOT was developed for keeping our Discord servers clear of spammers who join just to drop links to their various phishing sites to steal our passwords. Many thanks to you for helping us keep our servers safe, @crimsonclad

GINAbot exceeds the capabilities of any of the Steem front-ends in keeping us notified of what is important to each of us. She is indispensable! Thank you for developing her, @neander-squirrel & thanks to @buildteam for taking over hosting & development! Top pick!!! ⭐️


Discord-bots we use that were developed by non-Steemians:


ACCORD is one of the most amazing of the Discord-bots, providing translations, welcoming new members, helping with metric conversions & math, showing crypto prices, storing messages we use frequently, and more! Top pick!!! ⭐️

FREDboat is one of the two music-bots we have in the server and keeps the tunes flowing in our music channel. We keep two music-bots in the server so that if one is offline for updating, the other is available!

FriendTime keeps everyone on-track for events in the server. When we announce that an event will take place at a certain time, FriendTime automatically converts that time to each persons own local timezone! So helpful!

GROOVY is our other music-bot. It seems to stream music a little smoother than FREDboat most of the time and handles streams from Soundcloud better, too. This bot is easy for everyone to use! Top pick!!! ⭐️

MEE6 helps us see who is being most-active in the server. We have such a good Moderation team that we haven't needed MEE6 to help with that, but that option is available, just in case.

Pokécord was invited to the server for the benefit of those who enjoy gaming and it was a big hit! We created separate channels for Poké-related activity so it does not interfere with everyday activity.

Quotinator has a stash of thoughtful and inspirational quotes in its database which can easily be requested by anyone. It seems to be a popular tool among some of our members!

Tatsumaki is a delightful little girl-bot that is one tough cookie with many useful and fun features. She is good with dice-rolls, weather, math, conversions, and server management.



This would enable us to connect and engage with even more new Steemian accounts. If so, please contact Ren at (xcountytravelers#7157) in the Discord Server Steem Terminal or down below in the comments. We appreciate your interest in helping us to help others.


Thanks @minnerz22 for the gif!

to learn more about either of these projects, please visit: @heyhaveyamet or @steemterminal


Why not visit their account @heyhaveyamet today?

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Those 12 extra staff members make my steemterminal life SO MUCH better ! So thank you bots 😉