Caster Report Round #10

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IA developed by MIT that would further improve autonomous driving Score 1/5: Very confusing sentence structures.

Confusion of Identity Part 2. Score 1/5: Poor grammer and confusing ideas. Very generalized.

My Thoughts and Steem Journey so far. Why I ♥️ steem Score 0/5: Fluff piece no sources of information or researched opinions.

Steem 2020 is about having a "SMART U Score 4/5: Great brainstorming post. Well organized and great grammar. Flows well.

China's State Administration of Foreign Exchange Vs LIBRA Score 3/5: Well written but much too short.

MAXIMIZE YOUR CURATION REWARDS with A.I. | Does a whale wants to curate? Score 3/5: Well written post about automated curation reward increase but too short.

Bitcoin will make us millionaires someday? Score 2/5: No opinions; too fluffy and short.

Learn, But Never Quit || Quote Score 3/5: Good writing but too free form.

Exploring Blockchain technologies to incentivize interest in learning industrial skills and knowledge transfer. Score 4/5: Well written and thought out but the English isn't perfect.

Top 10 scariest future tech themes from around the web this Halloween Score 0/5: Much too short.

STEEM - Will we break soon the 0.155 resistance line ? Score 2/5: Great post but much too short.

Investment In Splinterlands Quest And Legendary Potion – Day 4 And 5 Reports Score 3/5: In depth for a splinterlands report. A bit short for the word count though.

The Bottom Up Movement Score 4/5: Interesting and thought out market conjectures.

I'm Ready to Delegate Staked Tokens to Alts Score 2/5: A great post but very short.

Don't push the downvote or you downvote yourself button Score 0/5 Vague and poorly written.

Binance Continues To Be Two Steps Ahead Of The Competition Score 3/5: Well written but short.


Well written but much too short.

I think you're right, thanks for the support and for pointing out what I should improve.

Hi @a1-shroom-spores, I see that you are unhappy enough to have blocked communication on discord. I will respect your desire to end ties with the HoboDAO and block communications.

I will just send you 216,666 HBO (which you will likely seek to sell) for the 13 days of work as Caster Coordinator. Thank you for the assistance you provided as the coordinator. Best of luck on your projects!