Hive is 1 Year Old!

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Have you been following along with some of the fun on Twitter from the Hive community? There have been some interesting questions and I believe @traciyork with the @hivechat team has been smashing it out over there. The final question, as you can see above, is asking for a post as a bonus. I'm going to sweeten the pot with 100 HIVE in rewards by adding a couple things:

  1. Tweet out your post on #Twitter (obviously)
  2. Make one of the first 5 tags #hiveyearone (so I can find it here 😜)
  3. (the tough part) Make no mention of Steem or Justin Sun

I will PIMP my 9 favorites starting at 50 HIVE for 1st, 20 for 2nd, 10 for 3rd, and 2 HIVE each for the 6 others I liked - or maybe more, we'll see 😁. What is your Hive story? Have you gone through the storms, weathered the seas and have come out better on the other side? Do you think Hive will last another year? Three years? Ten years? Past your own lifetime? What does this milestone really mean to you?

I'll be looking forward to reading your answers and seeing how the community and all of our kikass members have grown this past year. You have until this post pays out to compose yours. 😎 The only piece of advice I can give for the post is to REMEMBER TO BE YOU! I always am, even with honey on my hands.


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because I can
So Can WE
Vote Witty

Is Voting #WITNESSES difficult?
Let me do it for you!
Set Witty as your --->PROXY VOTER!<---

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Done! Thanks for the added extra-contest! ^_^

(Yeah sorry my Twitter is on lock. I just don't have the energy for that energy anymore. LOL)

Hi hi, good morning, this the link to my post👇👇👇👇👇

My twitter link👇👇👇👇👇

Thank you for the contest, here are my links


Good luck to all.

Hi Witty, I am way behind these days as I have become so busy...would love to join the fun, hopefully I do lol. When is the deadline though? 🙃

In about 3 more days from the time of this comment 🤗

Hi @enginewitty, this is my link and thank you for encouraging this wonderful contest to celebrate Hive today.

Here is my twitter link:

Thank you for adding to the excitement with your generosity @enginewitty!
The Opportune Birth of Hive Saved the Day

Oooops just saw this...
Will go edit the tag ... :D
For fun

As always a wonderful way to support this plattform, but Mostly...the amazing People here ❤️
You always do so much and this is a great initiative and I am sure it will bring many to join in.

Stay Awsome and much love to You 🤗🌹❤️💋

Hello brother!
Thanks to the 1st anniversary of my eyes on some tweets and here i am running to see good old friends.
Though I've been nearly absent for full year, but i know the good hearted peeps are here.
Stay safe.

Rock on! Great to see you hombre! How's the cafe doin?

The café been the talk of the town over here 😜😜😜
I've made it bigger and think it's time to 'hivetize' it!
Happy reading from u!

Hello @enginewitty here's my entry, thank you for the support and for this excellent initiatives

I kept posting about Hive's anniversary yesterday on Twitter and in someof my posts here.
Here are my link and my gift:

Thank you for this initiative, @enginewitty!

Hi Witty, thank you for this wonderful initiative or contest. It is very easy to speak well of Hive.

Here is my participation:

Estupendo, pasando a dar un poquito de apoyo @enginewitty Great, moving on to give a little bit of support.

Hello friends, here is my entry:
I apologize for not posting on Twitter, but my account was suspended and even though I opened another profile, it was blocked as well. Total censorship.

Hello!!! Excellent initiative, thank you very much for this invitation

I share with you my post:

I am gonna share it in the terminal

Believe I did, thank you sweets 😇 🤗

I did it first , in the contest room !!!!!! Yep I am fast

Ha ha, you rock hella hard 😝

Congratulations everyone for moving next door and creating a new existence without Justin "the scam" Sun being involved


Don't know why The Jefferson's popped in my head on that LOL!

Party time I can't wait to see what this next year brings here! And I actually was able to comply with the rules!!!!

Wao wao, dear Xaolin. This sounds spectacular! A year in this sweet honeycomb, you don't make it every day. I'll get right on my publication. Thanks for always sharing your beautiful energy! Let's always be ourselves from the heart!! A super hug for you! 🤗😘♥️
Pd: Hahahahaha I always like your endings.... Even with your hands in the in Venezuela we would say even with your hands in the dough jajaja excellent!

Super hugs back at ya! 🤗 Maybe you could mention it on your show this evening?

Yes, of course! Count on it. We'll post the link and I'll explain to people what to do. The idea is that they do it from today to tomorrow, right?..We will be happy to support you with that.🤗😘

Need to clarify the time frame in the post huh? We'll give them until next Friday at payout :)

Oki, Xaolin, is fine. Confirmed the normal time of the days the post is valid. Perfect! We already have the space to give the information. It will be a great time for sure 🤗😘

Can only go up from here right? I'll send you some !wine, maybe some !LUV, and then shoot it over to @tipu curate

Congratulations, @wesphilbin You Successfully Shared 0.100 WINE With @enginewitty.
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You Utilized 1/2 Successful Calls.

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WINE Current Market Price : 0.290 HIVE

Feelin the love brosef!


I love LUV. ! It seems to me a token of much brilliance and beautiful energy, my dear friend.... Good vibes and hugs to you!!@wesphilbin 🤗😘♥️

The luv isn't working!!!! Why!!! I need to smoke til it works

It's experiencing some latency... but the driver is watching!


To the moon!!! Off for a little while then it's going to be raining again!!!

Command accepted!

Hey @enginewitty, you were just shared some LUV. See the LUV tokens in your wallet at or learn about LUV at

I love LUVs. I once curated a post with them and I find it a beautiful token and full of good vibes. <3

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Thanks for continuing to make Hive awesome.

Wow that was the fastest year ever

And what happens to us that haven't been here during the days of St....ooops, you said it shouldn't be mentioned 😂
Anyways its been a nice three months for me i guess.
So does that mean i can't be a part of this one year hive anniversary?

Of course you can, it's an anniversary post and what it means to you, regardless if you've been here the full time or not 😁

Oh well, alright then would see to it, thanks