🌶 More than 600 Hive Tips spent to verified known personality on Twitter 🌶

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I was having an experiment on @hivetips on Twitter yesterday. I tried my luck to send some large amount of Hive to Elon Musk, Mike Novogratz, and Mike Maloney. I am hoping that they may want to take a look at what we can offer here as a blockchain for web 3.0.

If not claimed for 30 days, all the Hive will only returned to the senders with no risk but it is better if they will create their first account and consider censorship-resistant Hive. Twitter is now getting tighter on censoring war because of the upcoming elections in the US.

What do you guys think of this strategy? Love to hear your opinion regarding this matter...

Also, I really do love Ramen!

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That is a fantastic idea! Great minds work alike. Let's see if this helps to onboard some well known folks to the HIVE Blockchain Network.

Yeah, after all, it is still an experiment. Hopefully, we can invite them to consider what we are offering here. Great to have you @sgt-dan on #HIVETwitter movement.. Really appreciate you being here


i had an idea of trying with some "smaller" people, with small tips, regularly. we will see.

Oh, great. We can share some ideas together if things like this will work out or not. After all, it's risk-free because the @hivetips will only refund back to the sender's wallet. Let us hope and pray for the best. God bless us Hive

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Sí, no es mío. Es el presupuesto de marketing. Gracias

Bora lá! =) let's goooo! I like the moto.

You awesome buddy. Let us promote Hive in all people as possible

I don't think United States of America election should affect twitter!

Yeah, but if we think deeper, anything that affects the election is considered on censorship. Lets see

You think outside the box

I like you

Thanks, we need to experiment sometimes, isn't it? Thanks for checking out Nathan ❤😊


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awesome idea!

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