Hive Power-Up Day 8/1/2020 ~ My Largest Power-Up Yet!! ~ 5,000HP

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Dang it has been sometime since I joined a Power-Up Day. I think that was back in the :cough-Steem-:cough Days. So why not make up for lost time and do a Huge Power-up. Well its huge in my mind anyway. Plus I have been wanting to break that 30k HP mark for a while... C’mon!.... C’mon!!!

099DA8823EFA4B7694CE08290F9F87D1.jpegWow, that is terrible LOL

Well with this 5K power up that puts me over 33k HP!! My goal has been reached... I guess the next one is 50K??? Damn I better put some work in around here if I am gonna reach that before 2050...

3E23D9913E434629A8D9FD6FAE83D21C.gifHive Images created by @doze

I have been in and out and really busy for the past while but I think I have found some balance where I can cruise the Hive a bit more and see what everyone is up to. Also post a bit more. Being more active has brought back that Bullish feeling inside. Lol.

I am gonna be starting to do the $10 Tuesdays again, so I can keep stacking that crypto $10 at a time. Hopefully that BTC ATM is still there... Goes to shows how long it has been.

Well I better get back to picking my blackberries, check out the Size of those bad boys!! I have already picked a gallon bag so far. I think last year I got 4 gallon bags full. That is just off of one bush.


Until Next Time...

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Dang those blackberries are big!
Congrats on the power up!

Yes, they are Huge!! They are called Marion Blackberries and the bush has no thorns which is awesome!!


You mad lad, you.

Gotta get that Hive Man...

Get more power!

Damn that’s an awesome power up man! Thanks for powering that up!

Those are the biggest black berries I’ve ever seen lol

They are Marion Blackberries and this one bush gets absolutely loaded!! I have to cut off hundreds probably thousands in order for them to ripen up and sweeten up. Plus this year I am taking my duck pond water and using it as fertilizer. 😉

That’s great, the water from that type of stuff is great as fertilizer. My brother uses his fish water for some of his plants and they go wild!

That’s not surprising, it doesn’t seem like they do well on their own without some assistance lol given their sheer size.