Happy New Year! HPUD 28k! - Hive as the 3rd Blockchain Wave

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Its New Years Day 2021 and that means its Hive Power Up Day!

As foreshadowed in my earlier post, I powered up 28,000 Hive to celebrate the New Year and return balance to the force.

I am now working toward Orca status with lots of posting, commenting, voting and witnessing.

Why I keep investing in Hive

The thing about Hive is that even with the price in the toilet, the activity on the blockchain, both blog related, gaming, development and now NFTs keeps increasing.

So there is a huge amount of real activity by real people that puts a real floor under the Hive price and will ultimately be recognised by the market.

Hive is the Third Wave of Blockchain Paradigm Shift (after BTC & ETH)

Its important to understand that Hive represents the third wave of blockchain based paradigm shift at a time when the first paradigm shift is just starting to be understood by smart mainstream people.

These paradigm shifts are:

  • Bitcoin represented the first new form of money in a thousand years - a decentralised global digital money. BTC is at perhaps 10-15% adoption.

  • Ethereum represented the first time lots of people could (fairly easily) create their own own global digital money and/or token and a brand new form of capital raising. ETH and its ERC tokens and fundraising are at perhaps 1-3% adoption.

  • Hive represents the ability to transform operation of the entire internet from a centralised Web 2.0 model to a decentralised Web 3.0 model where users take back control and the huge problems of Big Tech are addressed. This is at about 0.01% adoption.

Current Hiveans are very very early adopters. While there is already a good range of things to do and projects already developed (social media communities, blogging, video content, gaming, NFT art), the sky is the limit.

Thus it might take quite a while before Hive is properly recognised by the markets.

But it will be.

I know this because at the end of the day it is people not tech that drive adoption.

The cryptocosm is fuill of amazing tech projects, but very few have large, active communities of real people behind them.

In this department there is really just BTC, ETH & HIVE.
Most of the rest are either niche or just faking their volume and activity - I put EOS & TRON very much in that later category.

So Hive-On in 2021!

Please vote for my Hive witness. (KeyChain or HiveSigner)

Witness Vote using direct Hivesigner


For some crazy reason I powered up a few hundred yesterday! Well done on this. I also see great things coming here.

I just voted for your hive witness, keep up good work, congratulations on your achievement, have a fantastic year

Thanks for the witness vote. I hope you have a great year too.

Strewth that's a big power up! You must nearly be at Orca with that one alone! There should be a huge bee badge coming your way!

I'd say we're not quite close to 10% yet with BTC adoption, there's only a few million wallets active when you think there's over 7 billion people in the world so still a long way to go with it I'd say but with this incoming run in 2021 their will probably be a lot more head turning going on!

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You are probably right that I've over-estimated true BTC adoption.
BTC has gone super crazy just since you wrote your comment. $32.6k right now.

Wow, I just saw that price jump! Maybe I'm a good luck charm haha! I wrote on a contest somewhere on LeoFinance that I was predicting $35k but it wasn't really based on anything other than "numbers out of thin air"!

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Well your prediction is getting pretty close to coming true, just in the time between our comments!
Thanks for the witness vote.

Maybe we should just keep commenting for the next 12 months and the price will get even higher haha!

No worries for the witness vote!

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Same here, I just powered up 1k Hive for pretty much the same reasons as you did. I see so much potential in Hive and my love for this platform has not faded away since the good 'ol days of early 2018. In fact, I have been praying for such a low price and even made a ridiculous calculation post a long time ago, playing around with a price of $0.10 and how nice it would be to buy on such a low. And here we are. It just feels right. I have been powering down Steem and Hive in favor or other projects like Splinterlands, dCity and LEO for way too long now. Soon I am back to Dolphin power and I will not stop there to accumulate more Hive again.

I gave you my witness vote because I think you are doing great things for Hive and because you keep sticking around - just like myself.

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Congrats on your 1k powerup and thanks for the witness vote.

With many things persistence is the key.

I have learned that many things I think are obvious take a long time to come to fruition, but they do in the end.

Hive is one of those things.

You are right.

The Network Effect, in this instance, is people. There is no way around that. We are no embarking upon a time where the real world is suffering. This tends to open people up to other possibilities, especially in developed countries where they no longer have the illusion of things "being okay".

It will be fun to see where we are by the start of 2022 on Hive.

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I think 2020 really opened a lot of people's eyes to alternative possibilities.
As Elon Musk would say COVID (or at least the reaction to it) was a forcing function.

I'm excited and am gearing up to get more involved in Hive again after a long time of just puttering here. 2020 really took the wind out of my sails. I have a hunch it will be the same for many people, and that we will see the malaise starting to lift, and people wanting to have a voice again!

Same, Jayna. It's great to be back on the blockchain and seeing posts like this stoking the excitement. Seeing familiar faces as I get back to blogging makes it fun, too. The engagement has always been what I've loved about this place. Happy 2021!

Yes I think this is true for many people.
Most people have been in shock and survival mode since March 2020.
Terrible things have happened to freedoms we once took for granted.

In 2021 I think the people will fight back and have a voice again.

Hive is a place where everyone can have a voice in a civilised environment.

very nice power up, making moves 2021

Nice job !!! Congratulations and happy new year, my hivean friend ! ✌️ I did the biggest power up of my life in 2020, reaching 18k. Hive on ! 🔥

Thanks. Great to see you reaching 18k HP.

Hive ON (harder) in 2021!

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Your vote certainly comes with a bang now - well done :D

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I need to use the force wisely :-)

With great power comes great...you know the drill ;-)

One more time you prove to be a valuble witness, keep it up!
!BEER !invest_vote !BRO 🍀

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Let's hope to see HIVE Moon end of !happy2021


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