Updates to Hivelist: Store update, Store Discounts for Staking, and New LIST Burn Feature!

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Seems like these updates keep coming faster and faster! It's been a wild ride for sure. We wanted to update the community on a few things that have been going on.

First the new Hivelist Store, https://hivelist.store, is coming along nicely! We have added our first 100 items in 3 main categories so far. It takes a while to populate the shop, organize categories and sub categories, etc, but we are getting the job done so that we can help bring more use case to the HIVE ecosystem! So go check out some of the items we currently have available! More items to be added daily.

Next thing on the agenda is the new discount coupon codes that will be issued to all LIST stake holders in the next week or so when we will audit the LIST richlist and check the staking amounts! Staking audits will be done once a month and coupon codes will be issues at that time for any new holders. If certain amounts of LIST are staked, then the holder will get a coupon code to use in the Hivelist.store or for our HiveCommerce services! The amount of stake depends on the size of the discount. All of this information can also be found on the new LIST Token page on Hivelist.io, https://hivelist.io/list-token/

Below are the staking amounts and discounts that will be provided. Be on the lookout for a small HIVE transaction that will contain your coupon code in the memo!

1,000-5,000 LIST gets 5% discount coupon code for use in the Hivelist Store and for monthly store hosting fees.

5,001-10,000 LIST gets 10% discount coupon code for use in the Hivelist Store and for monthly store hosting fees.

10,001-20,000 LIST gets 15% discount coupon code in the Hivelist Store and 50% off monthly store hosting fees.

20,001 LIST staked and beyond gets 20% discount coupon code in the Hivelist Store and 50% off monthly store hosting fees.

Next we are going to discuss the new LIST Token Burn feature! With the new recent addition of the on-chain hivelist.org classifieds site, we have a built in Promote feature for posts on the site. Any LIST that is used to promote a post will be burned automatically, thus decreasing the circulating supply of LIST. Also, any LIST that is paid for monthly hosting fees for HiveCommerce stores will also be burned. Promoted posts will be also mentioned and included in the new Featured Posts of the Week article that will be done by the @hivelist account weekly.

Due to these changes, we decided to mint and issue the entire remaining supply of LIST tokens. Early in the week, the remaining 450,000,000 tokens were minted and issued to the @hivelist.token account which holds and distributes the rewards pool. You can see the updated Max and Circulating supplies of LIST as well as the amounts Burned and Staked on https://hivelist.org.

To end this, we have been absolutely honored to get all the positive response from the community as we have been building this platform! We hope you enjoy using it and hope you continue to grow with us in the future!

Keep Calm and Hive on!


Great initiative
I'm a crypto musician, did you provide a way to sell music as well?
Did you provide a music player? Or even the possibility to embed Musicoin player directly on hivelist?
Creating a sort of cross-chain synergy. We could try to bridge the 6000 artists on Musicoin directly on hivelist?

As far as the classifieds go, you can post that you have music for sale and link any sites you want that it is listed for download. All you have to do is tag #hivelist or #classifieds for it to show on hivelist.org and be on the classifieds page.

Ok, for the moment I'm not able to connect my Hive account. Do I need a worldpress account as well ?

What are you trying to connect your account to? Hivelist.io? You don’t need a wordpress account previously. You just have to register for our site then in your profile you will be able to set up the hive account in the steempress area. Or you can just log into hivelist.org which is the Hive front end and log in with your user account.

Ok I signed up, I link with my hive account, I published my first post, but I need to understand how to create my store and how to add the other crypto and paypall

So just so you know, you really got my brain running this morning... So I am starting a store for musicians!

hivetunes.io is COMING SOON!

Fantastic. Yes I know, the brain running it is a great things. Mine is running since when I meet Musicoin and the blockchain. Hive, Steemit. Let them run.

So maybe you can benefit of the Musicoin stream player, you can even work together with the Musicoin devs to better join the forces @thelogicaldude , I'm in touch with them
Let me know

I would be interested to see how we can integrate but really going to be focusing mainly on Hive at the moment.

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I only got 2000 right now but I'm earning

The store looks sick. I love the way it looks and maybe I can buy a computer from there one day. Can you guys add silver on there?