New Items on! Home and Garden Section is Coming Alive!

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The continues to grow in products! Our Home and Garden section is filling out nicely thanks to some product sourcing assistance from the lovely @geneva.vector! It helps having a lady's touch with stuff like this, haha.

We now have items in our Pet Supplies section, as well as the new Home Decor section! More categories and items to be added this week!

We are going to focus on filling out one category at a time at the moment till we have the base that we want and then we will move on from there!

If you have a particular product category you would like to see on the store, please comment and we will looking into product sourcing!

***The is all dropship products. We currently do not warehouse any items. They are shipped from various countries, mainly China, so shipping times may vary. We use the fastest shipping methods we can for the shipping price that is charged. ***

Keep Calm and Hive on!



Can't wait to see. I will check right now.

Looking good! the future is #hivelist #hivecommerce

Very nice