The End?!?

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We started our project @steemsupporter because we wanted to support those Steemians who made the Steem blockchain a better place. After all that have happened with the Steem blockchain we moved on to Hive, trying to help the community here as well. And we did.

But now we reached a point where we're looking back and especially looking forward and come to a sad but clear decision: We need a change.


The reasons

The corona virus affected a lot. Economies struggled, people suffered, lives were changed. And it is a really hard time for us as well. We tried our best but we just don't have the time to continue like this. We have to invest a lot of our time to run this project because although some of you might not know we do a lot of things in the background: Trying to find good posts and determining the value of the upvote they should receive, managing the Discord channel, planing giveaways/contests for the future, writing the status posts, ...

We hate to take this step. We do. But it is necessary for us to concentrate on other things that have become way more important these last weeks. We hope you understand.

What We Achieved

We started 110 days ago and since then we upvoted 94 posts on Steem and 604 posts on Hive. We shared 7 posts who were extraordinary and gave away 4 Steem, 2 Hive & a $5 donation for a good cause.

This is pretty impressive and we're glad that we could achieve that much and support so many people from all around the world! That makes us really proud.

The Future

And this is not the end. It is the end to our project like you know it. But we will continue to upvote and share good posts and try to help those who need our help. Just to a smaller extent.

Once again thanks so much to our delegators, the people who supported us throughout the way. It wouldn't been possible like this without you ❤️ @btcsam @prechyrukky @dxn @elianaicgomes @ana-maria

Please undelegate now because there won't be any delegation perks anymore. We would appreciate it if you remain to support us as we still will upvote good content in the future but of course that's not mandatory.

The giveaway pot will be used for one last giveaway which will be posted in the next days.

Once again thanks for understanding and being a part of our journey. We loved reading your awesome posts and to give something back. Now it is time to move on.

Farewell, friends 👋


I'm sorry to hear that, but if the circumstances doesn't allow you to continue what has to be done, has to be done.
However, thank you for your help in this short run (for me), and as well thank you for informing us about the change, on time.
Best of luck in some future projects, as @elianaicgomes said, that might come your way through the window (as the doors have been shut). 🙂

It's always sad to watch projects ending, but when a door shuts a window opens and now you will have that window open to other things :)
I'm happy that I was part of it even the help was little, it helped.
Thank you so much what you've been doing so far and if you need me I'm always around!
Best of luck!

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