Hivelist Store Updates and COM token Phase 2 Coming Soon!

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Hello everyone! Just wanted to give you guys a quick update as to what is going on with both Hivelist Store and Hivecommerce Token miining Phase 2. First we will talk about some of the Hivelist store updates then we will go from with you? Alight, let's do this

Hivelst Multivendor Marketplace OPENING APRIL 1st!

That's right! I will start accepting vendor applications starting on April 1st! I mean technically now you can apply to be a vendor, but I would ask that you please hold off until then so I have more time to get some things tested.

Most of the following information can be found here:

What we do is take the payments and convert everything into HBD as it is a bit easier for accounting that way. Vendors will be paid out in HBD when a withdrawal request is made. If you are selling a physical product that you are shipping, you will be required to add a tracking number to the order before you can get paid. It is suggested to set up a line of credit, such as a credit card to pay for your vendor and merchandise fees if you are dropshipping, unless you produce the product yourself or you use our fulfillment service. This way you can pay the production costs then when you get the tracking number, you can enter it in the order information and be able to get paid! This is to help protect the customer as well as the store’s reputation.

How do I register as a vendor? Well, first all you have to do is pay the vendor registration fee via HivePay below and then you will be redirected to the Vendor Registration page. You will then use your HIVE username to sign up. This is VERY important that you use your HIVE username to register with the site. This is how we will pay your when you request a withdrawal from the store.

You will then need to have at least 5000 LIST tokens staked in your Hive Engine wallet, OR, delegate a minimum of 250 HIVE POWER to the @hivelist account. This covers your store hosting and ability to launch as many products as you wish on the store. If you choose to delegate the Hive Power instead of purchasing and staking the LIST tokens, you will earn LIST tokens through your delegation, which can help you build your stake in LIST, then once you reach the 5000 LIST required stake, you can remove your HP delegation if you choose to do so. All accounts will be audited once a month to ensure the proper amount of staked LIST or delegated HP. If you fall below the required amounts at any audit point, your store will be disabled until you reach the required stake. Once we verify your stake or delegation, then we will approve your store and you can get to business! We are working on some other possible options like a pay per product kind of thing, but right now, we like this model. For each 5k LIST that is staked for a hivecommerce store, then we will burn 5k LIST tokens, thus removing them from circulation and reducing supply!

Products and Proof of Commerce

You are in charge of your products that you offer. If you make products, be sure to set the correct amount of supply you have or just make it as you go. Also you will want to think about including shipping into your price. We will have a couple of shipping options, one being FREE shipping, and the other being a FLAT rate shipping which will one rate for global shipping. If you are a vendor outside the US, you will want to explore the shipping costs of your products and make sure you are charging your customers accordingly. Also, please be smart and do not offer any illegal products. If it is even questionable, please do not list it. We are running a legit operation and do not want the authorities snooping around if we can help from it. I am going for a more Amazon style feel than a Silk Road, lol! I want to attract the masses, not scare them away, lol.

Again we will be requiring a tracking number on the order prior to payout as, wait for it... Proof of Commerce, haha!

If you are selling a digital product, you will be able to upload your product to the media library or we suggest hosting the files yourself and using the link in the product for direct download. Digital product sales are the simplest to deal with by far. You can also sell NFT's if you have them created on @nftshowroom or other NFT platforms! We will require a transaction number where it shows you sending the NFT to your customer, prior to payout, for Proof of Commerce, lol.

Hivelist Fulfillment

If you don’t want to deal with the hassles of shipping, we will be offering a Hivelist Fulfillment service if you want to use our manufacturers or let us warehouse and ship your products for you. We will charge a submission fee for your product and then will need to pay the shipping costs to ship the products to us to warehouse. It will be similar to how Amazon does their FBA program, but we will be starting small for now as we don't have room for really large products, and not charging near as much, lol. If you are a designer or artist and want to have your own line of clothing and accessories, all you will need to do is provide the designs and we will do the rest. We work with a global group of manufacturers that product high quality products and ship pretty much worldwide. They handle all shipping costs and such and the customer is charged accordingly. This service is COMING SOON and hopefully will be ready by launch!

Store Fees and Affiliate Program

Aside from the registration charges and staking/delegation requirements, a 5% sales commission will be taken from each sale on the platform. Compare this with other marketplaces at 10% plus… It’s a good deal. Of this 5%, 3% will be paid out to the affiliates who join our Affiliate program!. If an affiliate sends a customer to the store and a product is purchased via that referral code, then that affiliate will receive the 3% commission share. The Hivelist Store will receive the other 2%. If no affiliate code is used for a purchase, then the Hivelist Store will receive the entire 5% commission. This will be used to help pay for server fees, administrative assistance, and other operational costs that are encountered, as well as help grow the service futher! We are a business and will need to make money to keep it all running.

Looking Hard At Auctions

We are working hard a having an auctions style function available as well. If this is not ready by launch, it will soon be available no long after. This is top priority at the moment as far us upgrades... even more than the whole membership thing... More details on this coming as we get the foundations set and figure that part out. I am really excited to get this feature rolling because I have some cool ideas that may include NFT auctions!

Okay so that's pretty much the big update with Hivelist!

Hivecommerce Token Phase 2... The INCOME and FIRST USE CASE!!!

Hivecommerce Token, or COM, phase 2 will begin also on April 1! This is where if you stake the COM tokens that you have been mining with your HUSTLERM, HUSTLER, and LIST token stakes, then you will start to receive payouts in CTP, SIM, WEED, and LIST tokens! The last month has been just collecting all income and holding it. At the end of this month, we will be taking a daily average of income, splitting it by 50% and then that will be the daily payout amount of each token. The other 50% will be either staked, if CTP, WEED, or LIST, and the SIM tokens will be reinvested in the @hivehustlers DCity!

With the introduction of the vendor program, we are introducting the first use case for the COM token as well! You will be able to pay your registration fees in COM tokens! The COM tokens that are paid will then be burned and taken out of circulation! Same with the LIST tokens.

We will be doing something similar with the microjob marketplace that will begin development as soon as Hivelist is finished!

In Conclusion

Got allot going on over here, not just the Hive world, but in the real world as well, so trying to get as much ready as possible for launch this week while juggling some other issues, so I appreciate everyone's patience in the evolution of these platforms!

Have a great day

Be cool, be real, and abide!




That looks very interesting!

Is it only for products or can people list services too? Like consulting, for example.

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This store is only for products and such. Services will be on the! Development starting on that after this store gets released! Working on a Fiverr/Upwork kind of thing.

Gotcha! Thanks for the answer!

Yeah, we put that up for community vote. I gave the option of adding into the Hivelist store or build it separate on HiveHustlers and HiveHustlers won by a landslide! Governance works, lol


I'll be copying this article in a word file to keep it close and also share it with my best friend to show her what we'll be using. 5% sounds like a gift. I hope it will stay like this.
Hive store is not for digital goods like music and ebooks...I wish it were. Do you know any place naive for selling that?

Oh yes it will be for digital files! We had a separate store originally, but bringing it all into one! I just haven’t migrated all the products over yet...Vendors will be able to set up physical products, digital, or external products like affiliate products or things like NFT's that you have on other markets. Music is for sure one I am going to get into personally.

These are great news, @thelogicaldude
I want to use it for ebooks, mindmaps and recommend it to my friends, who are creating music and are not yet on Hive!
Thank you SO MUCH for your answer!

Oh very nice post. I think this is great for the HIVE block chain. I'll mention this in the @leomarkettalk thread when the new one comes out. I hope it brings out more awareness to this as I have seen a people ask about the commerce function.

Keep up the good work. I haven't bought any COM tokens but the ones I have gotten from staking LIST and HUSTLER have been staked periodically. I am not sure how much I get by I will continue staking the ones I get.

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I'm excited to see how this all works. It looks like all the work is coming together. I picked up a bunch of LIST over the last week. Almost have the 5000 I need for listing products but I have no products. lol I'll be following along as it opens. Thanks for the update! And the Hive ecosystem grows.....

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What's about the nft thing? Why should I list them on the marketplace when they are already on a platforms like nftshowroom? Can it be used to bring together my several nft collections of those various platforms together or what's the deeper meaning?

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This is still in planning phase. But yes it can be used to bring together your collection across multiple blockchain. At least that is the thought. Say you have NFTs on different blockchains, you can link to them on the different markets, or sell them manually and send them to the customer’s address. You can essentially set it up as an affiliate product that links to your listings on NFTShowroom, Opensea, WAX, etc.

This is a significant growth in the Hivelist community. Good to see that there is a great build ongoing. We can only get better.

nice updates. looking forward to the COM staking.

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I can't wait. I have been asking the ladies on terminal about a hive market place. I want to sell my hand crafts.
I look forward to learning more about how this works even if I do not have the funds in the beginning.

Feel free to absolutely post on the Hivelist classifieds by using the forsale tag if you are selling crafts. Also use any descriptive tags you need. The forsale one is the important one. Think as if you were posting to Craigslist, but on Hive. That is free and will help you earn some LIST to get you started.

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