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RE: [VIDEOS] World of Tanks/Tacticool: When your team sucks ass

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What a lame shitpost. Please stop abusing the Hive rewards pool with your childish video game garbage that no one cares about and brings absolutely zero value to the platform. Thanks.


This comment projects your fear of coming out of the closet. It’s cool to rub your homosexuality in other peoples faces nowadays so you don’t have anything to fear. Plus, it shows you’re talented because you are clearly gay and retarded at the same time and considering that our two presidential candidates are both mentally retarded I think you might discover a whole newest fan base here. This means you won’t have to circle jerk and recycle the same photos over and over again.

But by all means, make this comment section about your tantrum over @cryptobrewmasters closing the exploits you were using to rape the rewards in a free to play game that already gave you money.

Great job making no arguments... as usual. Your ad homs and baseless accusations do not scare me.

You didn't even address the point that you somehow feel entitled to tell people what is and isn't ok to post on Hive, yet you post this total garbage... I hope you realize that you are a pro at making yourself look stupid.

I’m confused as to why you came here. Errrrybody on hive knows you only come here when you want to get fucked up.

They definitely don't come here to read your shit posts that's for sure.

Comparing my genuine interaction to your circle jerk voting doesn't hold any water

Did I compare anything in that comment at all? I didn't... good job making another fallacious accusation. Still no real arguments... I'm waiting patiently to hear one though. I'm sure you can get at least a half assed argument put together... maybe?

You slammed that closet door hard. Just like daddy slammed you hard.

I think you are probably one of the stupidest people I have ever met. Did you actually read my comment and think that this is somehow a response to it?? You respond to nothing I say. You make no arguments. You are pretty damn pathetic at debating. Just sayin'.

I'm here to call you out for your blatant hypocrisy. I have no fear of getting "fucked up"... especially not by you.

And just fyi probably less than 2% of people on Hive have ever heard your name... "errrrybody on Hive" my ass. Get over yourself. You're a big nobody.

stop chasing people man!
trolling on Hive is your full time job?

No that's what the "cleaners" do. I just have a little fun calling out retarded BS now and then.

That’s why you downvoting my posts? Are you high?

Why should I not downvote you? You're a scam artist screwing people with your stupid video game. I have the right to downvote just like anyone else here on Hive. Right? So I did. At least I was smart enough to not waste a downvote on something that was already $0. Like you just did.

Lol 😂 your 0,01 downvote looks like a joke.

Cool. You shouldn't be upset then. I hope you laugh about it. I've been laughing at you, so you might as well get to have some fun too.

Are you planning to drastically reduce task costs?? Because if not having the cost to brew beer higher than the sell price is an obviously unsustainable situation. Not sure if you realized that.

Please be sure that we realize everything, but is it matters for you, as you quit, I guess? We update the new quests after the next refreshment. And there are already lots of stuff changed after yesterday’s price nerf. You acted like a child, who lost his toy yesterday in the Discord. But if you realize and apologize about all the shit you said on me and my team we consider to get you back in the community.

Hahaha! That's hilarious. "Please come kiss our butts for the privilege to let us keep screwing you". No thanks!! If you think I'm acting childish that's fine. It's your opinion to have. Being childish is a subjective valuation and is basically impossible to prove something like that objectively. I think you are a total scammer. And that's my opinion to have and I'm gonna keep sharing it to anyone and everyone I talk to. And I actually have objective facts to support my opinion.

Are you from cleaners team? Or are you just stalking peoples blogs for no reason?

I'm not from any "cleaners team". I am just spreading facts. Sorry if they make you upset.

Fact: you have massive man tits

Grow up. You act like a man child.

it's dumb to post from this one where we can zero rep you in a few minutes. :-)

Go for it. I'm so scared... NOT.

And being on a "cleaners team" doesn't all of a sudden make morality change. Just fyi. Those "cleaners" are nothing special. Just people with downvote power like anyone else on this chain. If they act like bullies... well that's what they are. No "cleaners" title changes that. And thanks for wasting your downvote power on my 0$ post I love it when you dumb asses do that.