I'm supporting EXODE - the new HIVE space colonisation game

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Space Colonisation has always been my favourite game genre.

I tried out NextColony but quickly bored of the endless exploration required and didn't like the way the most powerful players could just farm weaker players planets. I especially didn't like the fact that the game required regular attention and you ended up losing resources and game positioning if you weren't always active.

I've got five kids so my time is quite limited and I can only find time for gaming in short, irregular intervals.

I love Splinterlands and have been playing this on and off for almost 18 months now.
Its great that I can fairly quickly regain position in Gold or Diamond League even if I've let things slide for a month or more.
It continues to hold my interest, even though card fighting games were never my thing previously.

Exode appears to be the best of both worlds in a number of ways.
It combines my favourite genre with my favourite blockchain.
It combines blockchain based assets and game data, without trying to put every click on the blockchain.
I've seen the limitations of this with Splinterlands (minor issue because its a card fighting game) and Next Colony (can make the game slow, boring and prone to bots).

As a general matter in DApp development devs need to find the right balance between what needs to be on the blockchain and what doesn't.

It is crucial that in-game assets are on chain in order to provide true ownership and the ability to trade independent of the the game developer.
This also allows cooperative competition in market interfaces (eg PeakMonsters vs Splinterlands Market) which adds value to the ecosystem.

It also important that a player's key in-game data is on-chain in order to provide transparency and verifiability to ensure no-one cheats.
The above two things allow a third party to resurrect a game if the original dev drops it.

But just like video and pictures cant be efficiently stored on-chain, some of the best game elements including fast action and graphics can't be on-chain.

I did some due diligence before deciding to invest some powered down Steem in Exode.

I especially liked:

If you want to check it out please feel free to use my referral code below and in Exode link above.
We both get some bonus cards out of it.


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I've joined! I'm going to be there in space...

Here's my referral link if anyone wants to join us in Exode! Ref: ed19f84

Nice post @apshamilton! I think that this game will give us great moments of joy. Lets raise up from zero like splinterlands did. 😄 Cheers.

I'd read a few posts about it but yours was the one that got me to investigate properly and put down some real money (well Steem actually so temporarily real before Justin Sun completely destroys it).
Enjoy your bonus referral cards. We should get planets close together from it.

Uuh that's really nice, you know what, I think you'll have a present in Splinterlands. Let's see what could be useful for you. Well I don't need really the red splinter and I had a pyromancer that isn't in your collection so I sent you one.

Wow! Thanks so much.
I'll be playing Exode via my company (@jpbliberty) account, as that's where I had some spare Steem to buy Exode cards (as an investment).
So look out for @jpbliberty in the Exode universe.

so, you think it is legit and this is how it will look like?

Seems legit to me. There is always some trust involved in buying anything but there is a lot of well done material and references and now in-game footage that looks really cool.

it only looks cool to someone that have never seen an internet before or played anything at all. Those are all asssets from internet, not even connected to each other. But i suppose such steem/hive communities are trully mindless when getting to such "amazing, immersive games"

I been on the internet for more than 30 years playing (and programming) computer games for almost 40!
I understand that this is not (yet) up to the standard of modern immersive games (like World of Tanks), but for a blockchain game where you actually own your in-game assets and your game-state is recorded on the blockchain, this is a huge achievement.
I'm impressed with what has been achieved in a short space of time with a small, dedicated Hive based team.

Your generosity has earned you a 100% upvote.

but why would it give? there is litteraly nothing to it. I just dont get how people cant see it. without all this "amazing blockchain game" scheme people would dump on it. But here, no criticism, nothing but amazingness

@apshamilton I found out about EXODE because I saw this post and whoa I have really fallen in love with it. Especially the card aspect. I even wrote a beginners guide for it today. If you know anyone that it might help to get started with the game please feel free to share it.


Not trying to post-promo here as much as just say Thank You for bringing this game to my attention!

Cheers and Happy Hiving!

Hi @jacobpeacock.
So glad you found this useful.
I can see that Exode is really developing nicely and has the potential to be an amazing game.
I love the way Hive allows a community to be created easily around a game and give valuable feedback to the developer.
It is also important that the developer is open and responsive to the feedback which @elindos seems to be.

@apshamilton Indeed I found it useful!

I was just sort of floundering around on Hive looking for something worthwhile to spend some time on aside from my usual writing etcetera when I saw your post and felt an almost 'electric tingle' as I delved into learning more about the game and saw the community feedback and developers open communication/engagement with the community.

Although I am patiently awaiting the full launch of the game part of me just wants to dive in and play it!

Excellent article about EXODE. See you in space!

Nice and clean article. Waiting for the new caption to come aboard.

See you in space! :)

If you are such a lover of space colonisation games, which ones you played?