Day One At HIVE Fest

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It was a little confusing going into VR, and I think it is even more confusing for those who are in 3D because you realise everything is in graphics mode.

This feels a little like the beginning of the movie Real One, @zord189 ultimate favourite movie haha...

The happiest time for me (though a bit confusing on how to navigate) was able to see old friends again like @gandalf

And @nateaguila, @loius88 and @arcange (which I didn't get to take salfie with), @gamer00,


@scrooger (I think that's him on the far left)

last but not least

The #teammalaysia family, courtesy from @zord189 who took the picture with @elizacheng, @fundurian, @joebanana, (and one more I forgot without the badge yet), @buzz.lightyear (didn't get to take selfie together)

It was both exciting and confusing navigating live on Altspace, but I do hope I can make it on day two but might not be able to stay long due to the fact I have a call time at 6am on Sunday haha.. 😅

Just so happened that this weekend ended up the busiest weekend ever! (after such a long semi lock down in Malaysia)

So happy to talk to everyone again even though it was not like physical like last year.

Still happy

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It's been cool to see you at HiveFest @littlenewthings. I hope you enjoyed it!
BTW, I miss a selfie with you. 😢

Maybe we can have more of these virtual meetups later in the future! Until we all can gather again and party!

Great seeing you again!

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Thank you for your support. If you haven't heard of VAULT, time to explore. It might be our next payout scheme which I'm looking forward to work with.