100,000 Dlease Request High APR - NEED MORE HP

in hivedelegation •  16 days ago  (edited)

Couple of days ago I made a post on me reaching 100,000 by July 31st I mean I can do it... But I found something better.

I am looking for 100,000 in Hive Delegation for 4 Weeks I am doing an experiment.


So I was messing with Dlease and I figured out I can Break down my Two 50,000 Hive Delegation request in case others that have 5,000 want to earn some Hive while Hiding away from this Pandemic.

I am Offering the highest on the Market with everything so low and dead Bear season is still on us.

I wanted to maybe be able to gather some HP to Curate on this Wonder Platform.

50,000 HP broken Down to 10 X 5,000.

  • 5,000 4 Weeks 2.571 Hive Daily and total being 72 Hive at a 15.93% APR

50,000 HP broken Down to 5 X 10,000.

  • 5,000 4 Weeks 4.963 Hive Daily and total being 138.960 Hive at a 15.37% APR


If you have any Hive Sitting Idea, or going on Vacation and still want to earn nice rewards Than come and Delegate some to your Favorite Android.

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Wow you decided to GO BIG !!!

I would love having you help our initiative @hodlcommunity by following our trail 😃.

Good APR and nice posts ! HODL Community

Indeed. He really did decide to go big @vlemon :)

Is there any particular content you're planning to support with your upvotes @chronocrypto?

Cheers, Piotr

Your post has been boosted with ESTM. Keep up the good work!
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