Hivelist Store Open For Vendors! Apply For Your Store Today!

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We are really excited for today over here at @hivelist! We are now accepting registration for vendors to come and sell your products on our store! Open your own store and customize it with a banner and image, and start listing your products!

You can find all of the information you need at:

There are 3 different vendor levels to get you started. We do require at registration fee on all levels, but only 2 levels require LIST staking or Hive power delegation to the @hivelist account.

Why do we require fees? Well one, this is a small business with bills that we have to pay to keep it running like servers and team overhead. Also it requires you to put some skin in the game behind your business, we want people that are going to be serious vendors. The fees really are not too much to get started. This also keeps down spam vendors.

Think about eBay versus Amazon. On ebay, you can find all kind of scams, or people selling junk products, because anyone can come on and start selling for free. But then you look at Amazon, which we are trying to follow more of their model, they have reputable vendors or the items are fulfilled by Amazon itself. Amazon requires monthly fees and such to be a vendor as well as all kind of other fees just to get started.

The registration fee is a one time fee, then for the amount of products you are allowed depends on the level you have staked.

See the image below...

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If you pay in LIST or COM tokens, those tokens will be burned and taken out of circulation! Also we will be "Match Burning" LIST tokens. This means that if you stake 5000 LIST for an Unlimited plan, then we will burn an additional 5000 LIST! Same with the 1500 level! We will only be match burning for the first couple of months as we are also planning some possible future changes to the LIST token structure as a whole, but that will come in a later post, most likely will be asking for community vote. We have learned allot in the 10 months that Hivelist has been alive that we didn't know in the beginning. Again, this will be addressed later!

Anyway, again we are very excited about the opening of the store! We will be processing the first batch of applications this evening after we give some good time for applications to roll in.

For everyone's information, we are based in the US on the west coast so we go by Pacific Standard Time...

Anyway, hope everyone has a great day!

Hustle on!



wooooo! Got my first product uploaded and about to post about it! I'll be uploading more as I have time and know that I've got everything set up correctly. :D

Super stoked!

Right on! Glad it was pretty easy to figure out. I haven’t had the chance to make how to videos... lol.

Is it correct that the "$5 off for the month of April!" is referring to the Unlimited package and has to be paid only once? Will it be possible to sell books as well in the future?

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All packages have a fee and the five dollar off is for all of them they are tiered packages.

Yes the registration fee is only one time. Basically a store creation fee. In crypto terms think of it as a token creation fee 😂

And finally, yes on the e-books. There is a category already created just nothing in it. I have my own e-book I have to list later on today.There is also a category for music so music will be allowed.

There will also be some instructional videos coming very soon.


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