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RE: Feedback from the January 1st Hive Power Up Day

in #hivebuzz4 months ago

Thanks for supporting power up day and really glad you gave @gabrielatravels her power bee badge! I know she was really excited to do the power up but was sad she may have missed the timing so thank you!

And awesome at how much HP was staked this month! 4 orcas worth and we get a few more powerful accounts for all that got involved! Looking forward to the winners announcement from Traci now!

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Thanks little brother! I was really worried not to begin the new year with a stupid mistake but I'm happy it's all good now! 🤗

Haha, we all make some mistakes but the hivebuzz are a lovely team and glad you got the badge - you now have a big account little sister!

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They are really some awesome guys! And yep, my account is slowly growing! I'm wandering if I'll become an orca until the end of the year :D

Go geddit little sister! Anything is possible if you put your mind to it! First stop 10k :D

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Can't wait for it :D