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RE: Feedback from the last Hive Power Up Day

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This is just fantastic! Thanks so much to the @hivebuzz team and to everyone who participated.

I'm not going to repeat, because @nickyhavey said it:

Massive thanks to @traciyork for being an amazeballs awesomesauce organiser for the main #HivePUD event and @jeanlucsr for the badge thought as well!



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Thank you @fionasfavourites
We join you in congratulations to @traciyork and @jeanlucsr

I'm not as giffy as @traciyork, but I decided to make a gif to show my thanks!

A big hive5:

Hivefive gif.gif

HAha, well @traciyork is indeed the queen of Gifs, but still a nice one @jeanlucsr😉🙂

Thanks @hivebuzz!
I'll try to make one HIVE GIF at least once a week. Just so @traciyork doesn't disown me 😂

Hahaha looking forward to that battle 😉

It's more of a tribute 😅


Hahaha! I wouldn't even dream of competing with @traciyork, the queen of gifs... Gesture much appreciated, thank you! 🙏😊

She really is the Queen of Gifs (and good juju) is @traciyork!

You'll be pleased to know, I've had my cheese toastie now and I'm feeling human again 😃

Glad you retained your powers from the cheese toastie.

I ended up eating a complete pork chop afterwards 😂

Damn that's impressive! Haha 😂

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No... that's hungry 🤣