Passing memorable day of International Trade Fair In Gopalgonj Bangladesh.

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Today discuss about international trade Fair in Gopalgonj Bangladesh and this place went to my friend junior and me just that time to passing very much enjoying.


International trade Fair which is celebrating every year in Gopalgonj Bangladesh and just decorate many other thinks to collect and all of thinks selling with visitor customer.


This Fair had many other thinks to arrange just are:

  1. cloth stall
  2. Circus house
  3. Cake stir
  4. Enjoying traveling Boat wave
  5. Furniture stor etc


All of thinks so look very beautiful and extremely extra ordinary and I like it also all of thinks..all of thinks decorations very much beautiful.


Me, junior and my friend are enjoying much time just different day then other rtime.
Actually this time are very much enjoyable time..


Thanks a lot for supporting steemians are

@bdvoter etc

Also all steemians are very essential for me actually I am new but all of this steemians support general thanks a lot for with me..


All in all just very good enjoy in this trade Fair and I love this country Bangladesh trade and my Bangladesh is very much beautiful .your will come country and visit many other places.


Also thank you very other steemians which is visiting my post and also resteemit , upvote my post..


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