What Does Today March 18,2020 means to Me? #ccc 2.40 by @freedomshift

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Early in the morning, while still lying on my bed, I'm thinking of so many things in life. How's the people who are now in the midst of trouble fighting for life. The pandemic coronavirus made the world in misery. Thinking it deeply, there is only one answer that I found, It is part of the great 7 tribulations. I hope it will stop sooner and make a good result. I'm expecting the result of a good relationship with God.

This is the message of God to all mankind. I hope everyone will appreciate that there is only one God to be worship without a partner. This is the time to get closer to God above. If we have faith, there will be no worries. Let us do our part for the community. This is such a process of learning and leaves all the bad attitudes we are doing to mankind every now and then.

There are a twist and turning of positivity about the worldwide situation. Let us avoid ourselves going outside, so this is the season to be with our family. When you are all together, make a formal conversation with all the members of the family. Let us gives sense of this happening. We should not ignore this.

Acceptance, repentance, gratefulness, and faith could lead us to a happy life ever after all.

Today, I'm checking up my soul, my health my feelings and my mind. I closed my eyes and had a conversation with our Saviour God. I entrusting my life to Him and I hope He would take my worries and make me stronger every day. Not only for me but for all human beings.

On the other hand, I feel something bad about what happened to steem it. It changed my life and keep me improving but as if it is slowly taken from me. All are temporary in this world, and everything is beyond changes. What I can do is wait and let is see what will be the next outcome.

Thank you, @team-ccc members, for being a part of my life. We don't know each other personally but our relation here is strong. Let us be friends forever and I will treasure all our memory here in steemit and in the outside world. I'm not saying goodbye but in case something happens to each and every one of us and this blockchain, from now I would say, I won't forget and will treasure the moment with you guys.

This is what I'm thinking of today before starting my job.

Thank you @freedomshift, I didn't know you more unlike the active girls here, but you are always with us.

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