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Communities are gaining greater traction here on steem with some really great communities forming around the place.

I think it's cool and they're a perfect way for people to post about their interests knowing their posts are reaching like-minded people. It's a great place to interact, engage and showcase ones' work and a great resource also.

With that in mind I decided it was time to fumble my way through creating a community myself. It's actually not too difficult and only costs a small amount of steem. Within minutes it was up and running and I'm pleased to announce it here.

It's a LEGO community, in case you hadn't realised.

At the time of this post going live no one has posted there yet, other than myself; I'm the only member of the community you see...A point my wife Faith thinks is hilarious. [Thanks hun, I appreciate your support.]

You don't have to be an expert LEGO builder to post; In fact, as long as the post is linked to LEGO in some way you're all good.

hive-142010 is the tag.

I assume once out of beta a name will be allocated but for now it's just the hive thing. I called the community LEGO ...It's a rather creative name don't you think? You can subscribe as a member by going here, I hope it appears onthe list.

I'll be honest with you, I don't have much of a clue about what I'm doing with the community thing, only that it provides people a place to drop their posts. I hope that over time it may gain a little traction and become something cool, like LEGO itself...If not, well I guess my wife will have a source of mirth as I post my own LEGO stuff in there as the only member.

It is simple enough...Want to post something related to LEGO?...Just tag #hive-142010 as your first tag and you're away!

I was just thinking, whoever gets the first few posts onto #hive-142010 will make it straight to trending...OK, maybe just because there's limited other posts there but still...Trending is trending right? 😃

So, see that lonesome blue lego block in the picture? That's sort of like me at the moment; The lone LEGO community member.

LEGO is way more fun with more than one block though so feel free to get on board. If you are a LEGO person, not a mini-figure but someone who likes LEGO, it would be be cool to let others know about the community #hive-142010, but only if you want to. Otherwise, just post away!

Thanks for reading.

Tomorrow isn't promised - Design and create your ideal LEGO, don't build it by default

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SMTs or SOBs? ( some other brick)

I knew you'd be excited...Anyone with a Legoman head would have to be! Lol.


This is cool but can anyone tell me why the hive tags - its very confusing why not just tag as lego. Sorry I am new to steemit!

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

No worries...

Communities are still in beta (testing) and so are referred to as hive for some reason. I am not 100% sure on why as I'm analogue, not digital. So, eventually you will see names instead of the #hive-142010.

When I created the Community I called it LEGO, and if you follow this link to subscribe you will see that.

It is a little confusing I know, but as it is so new it will take some time to roll out and develop. I hope this helps. Communities are designed to give like-minded people the opportunity to gather and share specific to the nature of the Community. If you were to join LEGO for instance you would post about anything LEGO, tagging #lego in the post is also the way to go, along with #hive-142010 as the first tag.

I'm sorry, I'm probably not much help.

Thanks for your comment though.


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Signed up and pushed a post into trending!

Boom! The three Musketeers! I'm not lonely anymore. It's sort of like the wolf pack off the hangover. I'll be Alan. Lol.

images (1).jpeg


Yay, more Legos! I'll definitely follow that, and I can't wait to see more creations from fellow Steemians :-)

Yeah, should be cool. I hope people get on board.

Did you see that video I did of the Mack? It's not awesome, but came out ok. I did it for you brah. 💚 😂

Certainly, best of luck with the Lego Community. Indeed, I've watched that video of the Mack, and it's pretty great!

Thanks mate, on both counts. I hope you have a grand weekend brah, go get some! Life's too short not to. ✅

Cheers, mate. Have a great weekend yourself!

Oh cool I am way into Lego :) I just bought some Lego with Steem actually, I will make a post to this community with a freestyle build made from my Steem Lego when they arrive :)

Hey there! Yeah, I saw that post you did with the blocks you got from Matt. Nice pick up!

I decided to do the community as people are simply posting in the Lego tag. Best to formalise it and take over the world huh? Lol.

It'll make it easier for me to find the good posts and curate them for curangel too.

hey that reminds me, I have been meaning to reach out to curangel curators to participate in c-squared and you are a great place to start. @c-squared (curation squared) is intended as a community for curators, and with absolutely no focus on ROI we gladly vote good posts that other curation groups have already voted. We have basically no guidelines beyond no spam/plagiarism, and no hoops to jump through to join (just join the discord and request the curator role in the general chat channel). There is no time commitment, no minimum nor maximum number of curations required. It would be a super easy way for you to give another boost to posts you curate for curangel, and also if there are good posts you can't curate through curangel for some reason (I believe curangel has a guideline RE how often an individual author can be curated?) you could bring them to c-squared discord as well. Let me know if you have any questions. Cheers

Considering that we are chatting in discord right know I obviously acknowledge this comment. :)


I've been contemplating the idea of trying to find a way to engage the Lego community here with a tribe or something but just hadn't found the time to research it. Hats off to you for getting the brick rolling

I think it might be slow going at first but if we get it out there a bit it could be a cool place for everyone to hang out. Stuff like your purchase recently, and also the one by @carlnash is great stuff too. Shows that it's not just about builds which is exactly what I want to do!

I don't know, I think it could be cool and over time may get some support.

Once it's get a few members I may do a giveaway of one of my builds...Would have to have a few members there first though.

I'll just keep nibbling away at it, getting it out there when I can, and hope people join in.

Build it and they will come applies to LEGO right? Lol.

Haha...That's sort of how I felt about 10 minutes ago when I realised I'd not put the hive tag into the intro post properly...Can't be changed now though.

Left out the - between hive and the numbers. Wanted to throw my computer just like Lego guy here! Didn't though.

Subscribed, just trying to get a picture off my phone to do a post.

link to go directly to subscribe to LEGO hive

Ah ok, thanks for that link...I'll get that out there also. Thanks for subscribing, I feel less lonely now. 🤣 Get a post up...You'll rocket straight to trending! 😉

Cool! I subscribed. Hopefully the tag will change to a more useful name at some point.

lol..a one man community! Oh man, that was funny but it didn't last long did it? I think you'll be surprised at how many lego fans are out there. I know a guy who posts several every week so I'll let him know.

Yeah, my smart-ass wife asked me the other day, "how's your lonesome Lego Community going?" I was pleased to say I had some friends and administered a playful smack on her ass!

Yeah, if you know anyone who may be keen let them know. Much appreciated.

I'm sure it will keep growing! Most of us are kids at heart anyway and have an affinity for Lego.

You don't know the emotion this community gives me.
It brings wonderful memories to my mind.
So I am subscribed.

That's great to hear! I hope you get a post in there arlt some stage. Make sure you tag hive-142010 as your first post tag if you want your Lego posts to be visible in the community.

Welcome, glad to have you here! 👍🏼

Thank you!
So shall.

Awesome idea! I'm there!

Cool! I see you there! Don't forget to use the hive tag as the first in your posts of they won't appear in the community.


Interesting, but many obligations here keep me far from the LEGO joy. Greetings.

Maybe one day you'll have the chance.