A cost effective way to gain trigger time with the rising cost of ammunition.

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With ammunition climbing out of sight, and not wanting to deplete my prepping reloading inventory; I needed another way to keep muscle memory fresh.

I looked at a way to throw projectiles downrange, while not spending a dollar plus on my 9mm for the privilege.

Here is what I found:


The top one is a Diamondback DB9 9 mm and the bottom one is a Daisy 177 caliber.

Running a 100 round practice session with the DB9 costs about $110.00, while the Daisy is about $3.00....

Trigger time is trigger time, and I still run the DB9 to check groups. There is one other benefit I didn't plan on, I can safely use the Daisy at home! A cardboard box full of newspaper, is a very functional backstop that will allow me to reuse the projectiles. I have increased my practice time by about double, with a $30.00 BB Gun! The CO2 cylinder allows a good approximation of a semi-automatic handgun.

My groups seem to be smaller with my DB9 pistol too....

Now I need to see if I can get Momma practicing more too.


Training, keeping sharp, is important so having a trainer is often the way to go; Unless one owns a munitions factory of course. Nice work.

I also use a 22 LR, but this one feels better, which helps muscle memory.


Yep, that's all it takes sometimes, the muscle memory.

I was pretty good in that area to start with cover but this has improved things significantly! I am still doing drills on mag changes, with one or two rounds in each. That is speeding my combat reloads....


$110 for 100 rounds of 9mm!? What kind of 9mm ammo you using??? Does that price include targets and renting a spot at the range?

Just the ammo, the rest is covered. Just regular 9mm is a dollar a round now...just add taxes!

But just come to Tulsa, and we can get some trigger time.


I haven't bought ammo since March and the prices were still good then. Next time I'm at Acadamy I'll take a look at ammo prices whether they have any ammo or not. I find it hard to believe that 9mm rounds are $1 now.

I was stunned too, just too Many new gun owners buying up everything.


Great savings 👍

I have increased my training too!