Sublime Sunday - Planning Our Cruise!

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As my picture shows, our cruise is coming up and I've had a very enjoyable time today filling out the pre-cruise paperwork and deciding on what excursions to take during the trip. I'm pretty excited about this little cruise, we haven't done much traveling since our crypto-boom year in 2017. Yes, the good old days when BTC was at $20K and our 3 bitcoin miners provided us a month-long trip to Belize!

This 5-day cruise was made possible because we "endured" a time-share presentation and managed to escape with the cruise certificate and our sanity (barely), and with that ordeal over with, we can enjoy the little va-cay at a much-reduced price.

We chose a cruise that leaves from New Orleans because that's one of our favorite places to visit and it's only about 700 miles away, as opposed to one of the ports in southern Florida. We like driving on road trips, so this is part of the fun for us.

The two ports we'll be visiting are Cozumel and Yucatan in Mexico and there are several choices for shore excursions. Just setting the filter for "adventure" in Cozumel produces 17 results!

Here are just the top three rated by the best reviews:


The Jeep ride to Passion Island is described as driving a 4x4 jeep through San Miguel then boarding a boat to Passion Island. On the island, you can relax in a hammock, enjoy a Mexican Buffet with an open bar, go kayaking, or participate in one of many arranged activities. How could you go wrong with that!

There are just as many choices for the Yucatan stop ranging from relaxing private beaches to historical tours and snorkeling. It makes for very hard choices, I've read dozens of reviews and they all look like fun.

Here are the top-rated trips for Yucatan:


But there's also the choice of not doing any excursions off the ship. The excursions are all around $200 per couple and there are certainly plenty of things to do onboard. I'm thinking seriously about not pre-booking anything and just see what we feel like doing when the time comes. And I'm not really a tour-type person - crowded in with a large group and herded like cattle can be annoying! We really are more the explore on our type of people, lol.

This has been an enjoyable experience so far, just discussing the possiblities and looking forward to the trip. I hope you all are having a great, relaxing day and take the time to dream a little!





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Three weeks until a fun cruise, nice! Yeah, explore on your own sounds better than being moved around with the crowd sounds better to me too. Enjoy the planning and anticipation, then enjoy the cruise! :)

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Howdy blueeyes8960! Wow that is going to be great! You guys were very shrewd to get the deal on the cruise and escape the salesmen tactics! lol. Hey do you still mine Bitcoin?

Barely. We had 3 miners, one died about 2 months ago and another one is to the shutting down stage. Since we bought the last two at the same time, I'm sure the other one isn't far behind. They're almost 3 years old now. We won't replace them because the electricity cost is making it a losing battle as the difficulty keeps rising but the price is staying the same. And when the halving comes in May it really won't be profitable unless there would be a huge jump in the price.

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Howdy today blueyes8960! Well everyone that I've read are counting on it rises to sky-high levels in price but I know it's an expensive operation.