Dairy Products - Friend or Foe?

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I recently picked up my two grandchildren at their house to keep them for four days over the Christmas holidays. In addition to the usual backpack of PJs, stuffed animals, and clothes their mother handed me a small bottle of pills. She informed me that Roman, age 7, had been having stomach aches almost every day and if he complained about a tummy ache, I could give him two of the pink pills. She said they were basically Pepto-Bismol for children.

I was concerned about this, not liking the fact that he was having tummy aches that often. I wondered if there was some stress going on. I grew up in a very stressful home environment and I know how things can be upsetting to your mental as well as physical health.

The visit went well and we had a great four days with lots of playing, family time with relatives, and tons of food being consumed. Not one complaint of a stomach ache the entire time. Until on the way to take them home we stopped at a Denny's for a late lunch. Roman ordered a chocolate milk for his drink. We are not fans of dairy and the only form of milk in my house is almond milk. Within 30 minutes, Roman was complaining of a tummy ache.

When we arrived at their home I asked his mother if he drank milk at home - and she said yes, he drank it all the time. I told her my theory about milk being the culprit and she agreed that might be the case. She said her sister was lactose intolerant as well.

My husband is very sensitive to dairy also, he will not touch cheese and when he indulges in ice cream he pays the price with gastrointestinal issues.

You've probably all seen the dairy industry commercials - "Milk - it does a body good!" But does it really?

Some of the most common effects of too much dairy are (1) stomach pains (2) gas and bloating and (3) inflammation.

Inflammation can lead to an unhealthy increase in blood pressure and cholesterol.

There are also studies that indicate large amounts of dairy products result in a greater risk of cancer. Casein is the main protein in dairy and has been shown to increase the growth and development of cancer. Dairy products also lower the chance of surviving breast cancer so it's even more important for those survivors to limit both dairy and gluten.

In addition to the bloating, dairy products slow down your liver function as well. We need our liver to be functioning unhindered!

Milk is touted as having calcium and being good for your bones, making them stronger. Studies have found that drinking too much milk actually increases a woman's chances of having very weak bones. This is explained by the fact that dairy has a high animal protein content that can cause acidosis. This leads the body to compensate by leaching calcium from your bones to neutralize the increased acidity. So, yes, dairy promotors can truthfully claim dairy's high calcium content - but that doesn't tell the whole story.

Even organic milk contains hormones. After all, milk is produced by the cow to grow and nurture a newborn calf. Of course it contains hormones! Commercial cow's milk has even more estrogen and progesterone because the cows are being genetically altered to increase their milk production cycle.

In conclusion, each species produces its own version of milk to get their offspring off to a healthy start. No other species continues with this milk after the weaning stage. And humans should not be doing it either!

There are all kinds of tasty and healthy substitutes for milk such as almond milk, coconut milk, soy milk, and rice milk. Plant-based versions of other dairy products are also readily available.

Do yourself and your family a favor - say "NO" to dairy!





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I read somewhere that all humans are actually lactose intolerant, it just affects some people more severely than others. Good stuff hun.

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Great information @blueeyes8960!!!! We haven't had cows milk in the house for years. My youngest daughter had such issues with dairy, it's all better now. Poor little grandson, I hope mom makes the milk switch, he'll never know it! Chocolate almond milk is wonderful :)

Excellent post @blueeyes8960!!👍
The Mrs is severely effected my milk, and it took years to figure out what was the problem.
How many people have the same problems and never figure out what is causing issues...
On a side note she also has problems with Gluten, and just recently we found that eating sourdough bread before indulging in wheat will mostly fit the problem!🤗
I hope you two are doing well, I guess you dropped out of Actifit...
Have a happy healthy New Year!!!🤗

@silvertop - that's good to know about the sourdough bread helping with the Celiac's - my mom has that, I'll let her know. Yes, we dropped out of Actifit, I was tired of the downvotes and sold all my AfitX tokens. Still using Fitbit and exercising though!
Happy New Year to you and the Mrs. as well!

Yes the sourdough definitely makes a difference, I don't think it is the total answer, but it does help so much!!
I'm glad you are still using your Fitbit, We were hiking long before Actifit, and we want to stay healthy.
A big nasty wind and rain storm today...Oh well it is News Years Eve!
Have a Happy New Year!!!!

Very interesting information here my friend.
Any blood pressure and cholesterol increase is no good for me.
Think that I will go without milk for awhile to see if my numbers drop.

Let me know if you find out it helped. So many people don't know that milk is causing them problems.

Will do my friend!

Totally agree! Good for you for noticing and pointing that out about your precious grandbaby. Hopefully no more tummy aches going forward and no more unnecessary medication. Great job grandma! Happy holidays!

@planttoplanks - I probably wouldn't have made the connection, and tended to think his tummy aches might have been stress related - until he had that chocolate milk and right way - tummy ache. I hope his mom took it to heart!

Milk especially that of a cow are indispensable to a child's healthy growth.

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