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This month's topic is FAVORITE AUTHORS

I've been lost in the world of reading since I was a child. In a not-so-pleasant family environment of domestic abuse, it was my escape from reality into a more enjoyable mindset. This contest is right up my alley, but the problem is picking who belongs in the Top 3. So many wonderful authors and the love of many different types of stories. I would say that my all-time favorite book, at least judging by the times I have re-read it - is Dune by Frank Herbert but that's a stand-alone event. I'm partial to characters that are developed through a series. Lee Child's Jack Reacher series, John Sanford's Lucas Davenport series, Preston & Child's very distinctive character FBI Special Agent Aloysius Pendergast, Walter Mosley's Easy Rawlins - to name just a few of my old friends.

But the contest requires to pick 3, so here goes:

Number One - Stephen King


How could I do a “favorite authors” and not include him! My love of King started with The Stand and quickly escalated until I was a member of his book club and eagerly awaited the arrival of his newest book in the mail. My favorite series that he wrote was The Dark Tower, which included seven volumes about the adventures of Roland the Gunslinger in a fantasy world that you won’t soon forget. And of course several of his books have been made into popular movies - such as It (who hasn’t had their nightmares invaded by Pennywise the Clown), Salem's Lot, and the classic werewolf movie - Silver Bullet - to mention just a few. One of my favorites for thrillers was Misery that starred James Caan and Katherine Bates. “Carrie” was the first novel he had published, also a popular movie. If you watch closely, you can find Stephen doing cameo parts in many of his movies.

Number Two - J.D. Robb (which is a pen name for Nora Roberts)


Romance novels are not my thing and I’d never read much of anything by Nora Roberts. But with the first J.D. Robb novel, I was hooked on the adventures of Lt. Eve Dallas. She’s a tough homicide detective who operates a few decades in the future, so there’s a bit of science fiction flair thrown in. With Roark, her millionaire former-crook-turned-straight husband, and Peabody, her new-age savvy partner, at her side she “stands for the dead” by making sure her murder victims get the retribution they have coming. The “In Death” series featuring Eve has over 120 books and each one is as thrilling as the first one.

Number Three - John Grisham


Does anyone do lawyers and the criminal justice system any better? His books are so well researched and dramatic and relate to topics that are relevant to our society. He actually started as a lawyer and was inspired to write his first book after hearing the testimony of a 12-year-old rape victim. The book was called A Time to Kill and he wrote it during court recesses and during his limited free time while still working 60-70 hours a week in the legal system. The book was about what would have happened if the girl’s father had actually murdered her attackers. It got limited success in the beginning, but he was already working on his second book by the time it was published. Since then he’s written a book a year since 1988. One of my all-time favorites (also a made into a movie) was The Client about a young boy who witnesses a corrupt lawyer commit suicide and gets involved with the mob. He hires rookie lawyer Reggie Love by chance and they are involved in quite a battle for their lives.

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Hi. Great authors, all 3 of them. And I've read them. I was actually going to pick Grisham, but thought others would. My favorite of his is The King of Torts.

Good luck to you in this contest.

I have read a couple of Nora Roberts, I think, but nothing under that name. Grisham also in my Top 3 and Dune also got a special mention.

An irresistable contest this one from @yourtop3? Spot on.

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Hey @blueeyes8960

It’s Q here! Thanks for your nomination but unfortunately you've just missed the deadline for submitting so we can't enter you into the contest this month. We upvoted and resteemed the post as a way of saying thanks to you for writing it!

You can still get involved in our dpoll of all the nominations that came in, which will be coming soon.

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See you next time.

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Well crap, lol.

Haha, aww shucks! These were some awesome choices, so we're still so happy you were able to share you picks! This year has started out like a whirlwind, so I know I can hardly keep up with what day it is myself. Thanks for still bringing this awesome post to the topic. As Nicky said, we'll definitely hit books again soon since it was one everyone really enjoyed!

Stephen King has certainly popped up a lot in the entries, think he could be the runaway winner in the dpoll. That book you described by Nora Roberts/J.D. Robb sounds quite intriguing actually, I'm not one for the romantic novels but a new twist on a detective series sounds pretty interesting! Then the ultimate crime/law writer, John Grisham... great selection!

I see our mascot, Q, has stopped by and given the sad news though - the good news is, this won't be the last time we visit books/authors as a topic for the contest, seems to be a very popular one!

You'll bounce back for next month, the leagues will add a different dynamic this year :)

Great choices!!! It is so hard to only pick three! I like your choice of Grisham! He really delved deep into his people and honestly, I love King, but, I will say that he has scared the Bejesus out of me... oh, swear to God!

I actually didn't know that was a pen name for Nora Roberts, but, I don't read here as a rule, so no wonder. But, I will have to look at that one! Thanks for the recap!


Yes, I'd never read much by Nora Roberts either, but I can see why she used a pen name for the Dallas series, or I'd probably have never read one to begin with, lol. Definitely give those a try. Thanks for the tip!

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