Personal update on Steem vs. Hive

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As I wrote a week ago (, I am mostly agnostic concerning the competition between Steem and Hive, while I have a slight personal tendency towards Hive.

In order to put my money where my mouth is (and because of Steem's price increasing relative to Hive), I decided to change my portfolio from 50:50 to about 60:40 (Hive to Steem).
I consider Hive to be a really exciting experiment. We can watch in real time which system will prevail, a rather centralized one with much cash in the background (Steemit Inc.) or a (more) decentralized one with a (hopefully) strong community (layer 0 prevailing --> Hive) as Ivan comments in this video shared by @felix.herrmann:

As some people (Justin Sun, ...) are dumping Hive tokens, I use the opportunity to accumulate more Hive - though I know the risk involved. The price discovery will be interesting to watch. Where will be the bottom for Hive?


Have a nice day and stay healthy!


I think the bottom will be at 0,07$....

Let's wait and see and drink some cups of tea.

The race is on a long distance. In about 6 month we will see more clearly.
May the best platform win due to the decision of the free market.


thx for the mention.

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