And So It Ends...And Begins...

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What a wild month it's been...

Like most, I've watched the unfolding of things between Steemit & Tron with invested curiosity – sometimes in full participation (like the several consecutive days of 6+ hour town hall discussions on PAL and our impressive twitter storm) – sometimes only passively (due to personal distractions) – the whole time hoping for some mutually agreeable outcome.

Being a natural diplomat, I suppose I believed we'd find a way forward that didn't necessitate such drastic measures as hard-forking to a sister chain. Yet; here we are.

As days turned into weeks and the impasse only grew more stubbornly deadlocked, I became increasingly less optimistic. Still, even as the first whispers of an imminent, as yet un-named Hive reached my ears – I imagined I'd remain true to my Ziplomat nature, with one foot firmly on each side.

However inactive I've been for the past many moons, the STEEM blockchain still held my heart. Rather, the people; its many and varied communities – its wild-West, 'anything can happen' freedom – its immeasurable potential...these things kept me around, even if only peripherally. I wasn't about to give up on the idea of it.

Then, this happened...


Justin Sun made the choice for me.

Whatever hope I had that he might be the champion we'd needed – that he might lend his considerable influence to properly marketing STEEM – the last of it evaporated entirely as I read that post yesterday.

While I don't claim to comprehend everything about blockchain technology, I know enough to grasp his unmistakeable error.

It all comes down to one word...'censorship'.

Justin's unfortunate decision to hide all posts related to or making mention of Hive effectively destroyed what I understand to be the most basic tenets of blockchain; integrity, transparency, inclusivity and, most importantly, governance by consensus rather than a singular, privatized interest.

This feels a hell of a lot more like dictatorship than decentralization. Definitely not what I signed up for 2+ years ago.


I have no desire to transact on a platform where my voice may be amplified or stifled according to the whims of one, powerful billionaire.




So, here we are; all abuzz in our brand-new hive, wings peppered with pollen, all waxy feet and honey lips on this, the first day of spring. How very apropos.

While I'm excited by the newness of Hive – drawn to its unknowable future – heartened by the enthusiasm its launch has sparked in our community – this is a bittersweet transition.

Feels a bit like I'm simultaneously slicing into a birthday cake with one hand and placing flowers on a grave with the other.

I may need a little time to grieve that other place – to acknowledge all that it gave me – before I can fully embrace this change.

Though I might take a moment to truly land, to find my bearings in this fledgling colony – I trust I'll get my bee-legs eventually.


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Beautifully written as always. Thanks for your contributions @zipporah :)

Thank you, dear. Your appreciation has always been well-received. :)

I was a little reluctant about leaving steem, I was there 2 years and it was the only online community I have ever been part of, but a look on the trending page of steemit yesterday dissolved any last threads of it. It made me feel sick and I just don't want to be part of it.
You, on the other hand, are one of the creators I mostly appreciated on steem and I would love to see your pictures here!
When you'll be ready :)

I sooo feel you; it wasn't an easy choice, until yesterday. Guess we'll see where this goes, eh? So fresh and new – so full of promise. Exciting times, amidst global turmoil. Such interesting timing...

Interesting indeed...

It's been very crazy and yes once Justin started censoring, I was done. Glad to have you here on hive. I see you ZIP :)

Guess you'll still be able to lovingly troll over here. I expect nothing less...

this is a bittersweet transition.

Feels a bit like I'm simultaneously slicing into a birthday cake with one hand and placing flowers on a grave with the other.

I could not agree more. MANY, MANY HUGS sent your way!

Sending warm, virtual hugs right back atcha, my dearest Snook. 💖

Welcome to the Hive. I hope to see you post more here!

Thanks, Wes – we'll see how it goes. Life offline is still a lot to manage, which has mostly kept me away from posting. But I do feel inspired to try engaging more. At least there's that.

I feel often that censorship and decentralization are just ruses used by those with 'authority' to fool the sheep I to their pasture. I've been 'censored' and bullied by people on every platform I've ever been on, just because of opinion and the lack of true freedom of speech. I get where you're coming from though, the more free a person feels, the easier it is to be themselves🤗

I also hoped for reconciliation, and I haven't completely abandoned that hope, but Hive is a necessary fallback and potential path forward. I detest how Sun has deemed his wealth a sufficient excuse to run roughshod over a community nearly 4 years in the making after just a few weeks.

It is indeed a very sad thing, the acquisition, the hostile takeover, the censorship, and the split. Though I will no longer be blogging/vlogging on STEEM, I will continue to do some curating. There are many of our friends that are still posting on STEEM.

I appreciate you sharing this article on the PYPT Show yesterday evening. I hope this comment finds you and yours safe and in good health.

Blessings and groovy vibes today and always!