3 years

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I woke up early in the morning.
First message I received is this one:


It has been 3 years already since I first joined Steem now Hive.
It looks like it was yesterday when I found steemit as a consequence of my research in the cryptosphere. A complete journey of mixed feelings.
From excitement to disappointment sometimes but overall a good trip indeed.

Let’s see what this new year is preparing for all of us.
Have a good day!



Yes, let's see :)

Uncertainty everywhere

You are slightly "Hive older" than me :).
Have a great day! and a great San Joan revetlla!

enjoy Sant Joan!

Time flies quite fast in here. Have a great day and happy Hiveday!


Hey happy anniversary, so that's three years waiting for another alt season too!

hehehheh, yes, it's being a long waiting, isn't it?