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The day came where we ended up with two chains to blog on. Our sincere congratulations to the founders of HIVE.io and the successful launch of Hive. This wouldn’t have been possible without the work, time, and effort of true decentralized community, witnesses, and its members.

The @steemterminal account and Discord were created in December 2018 for all that need help getting started on the blockchain and want to learn. The founders @xcountytravelers, @thekittygirl, and @brittandjosie together with the staff are the driving force behind @steemterminal, @heyhaveyamet, and @steem-aide and the adjoining discord.

We have chosen to rebrand as
@theterminal from now on.

The account is up and we would love you to follow us. Our members were keen to know if the project and our Discord be active on Hive or not? Yes, we will be, but as @theterminal now!

We like to help, so with the knowledge we have obtained in the past 3 years, we want to help as many people as possible. This new chain will be a gradual change and users will slowly start to shift towards the best community. We will be there for all. Our main focus is and will always be HELP.

We will help with the on-boarding process and will show the new arrivals on our @heyhaveyamet account on the platform where they entered. For more information, delegating, or a server invite, we are available 24/7, because of our round-the-globe staff.

Many thanks to @pharesim who helped us get this new, re-branded account registered and running so quickly! It is appreciated!

Lets blog on!

–Staff of @theterminal and TheTerminal Discord


Great. Can you create a tutorial helping me update my delegations on hives?

Of course! Here is a link to our Discord Group! We will help you to get sorted! Let them know I sent you!




If you go to your HIVE wallet, you can see the following way to do what you were asking about!

Hope this helps! Still look forward to seeing you join our Discord!

Got it done! Thank you :)

I am proud

Glad to see you joined on th Hive but still are there for everyone, no matter which platform they are on. You are doing an amazing job 👍

Long life ”The Terminal”, stop by, feel the love , learn and share your view!
We are people helping people, come join us ... 🤗🤗❤️❤️

Great job guys!

As we have done from the beginning... here to help spread positive energy and help those who need it!


Sounds great! Glad I popped into The Terminal Discord this morning. Resteemed and Tweeted!


Hi! friends. I´ll see you there

Supporting the different learning levels of the platform, returning so much love and enthusiasm, music and good writing, @theterminal