Is there any development going on right now for Hive?

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A few people have asked me if anything is going on because they can't see anything. Hard Fork 24 is the next step for Hive and there are some good changes planned.

@blocktrades has been releasing some posts that give great details in the ongoing development and future changes. I highly recommend checking them out as they cover a lot of the details going on.

I was curious about something, and I wanted to see where we are going compared to Steem. So I looked at the public repos for Hive and Steem to compare their activity.

Hived & Steemd

Hived Development

This is the monthly commits for the core Hived repo. This doesn't include Hivemind, condenser, or anything other than hived which is the main repo for the blockchain.

There is a lot of activity and a lot of unique developers submitting and testing code. While it doesn't look like much from the outside until there is a hard fork, there is a lot of good work happening.

Steemd Development

Looks like it isn't anything going on for Steemd, all development ceased in February when everyone started to quit from Steemit Inc. The only changes were to condenser and Hivemind to add censorship mechanisms.


Hivemind acts as an optimized view of the blockchain state for commonly used data like posts, comments, and votes. This layer allows for things like community and faster access to user data. Querying this data directly from hived is very expensive and time-consuming.

Hive Hivemind

Steemd Hivemind

Hivemind on Steem showed a little development after Steemit Inc lost all their developers, but all these changes are made by a Tron employee to allow for completely hiding almost 100 users from all front ends as if they never existed.


Jussi is a very critical component as it provides caching and optimization to very heavily used nodes. While it works well there is a lot of room for improvement and that's exactly what is being worked on.

Hive Jussi

Steem Jussi

It hasn't seen any progress since September of last year!

While it may look like not a lot is going on, there is in fact a lot of development going on by people that have passion for the Hive blockchain.

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They will probably wait and copy the work done by Hive devs. It seems copy/pasting whitepapers and code is the only thing Justin Sun and associates are capable of.

I think they're really running retention services with things like SPUD and voting huge Korean communities. It's a hell hole there but obviously they don't know people are just there to cash out big. As for innovations, he's clueless and so are his devs

They have DEVs? ??

Lol hahaha they probably do

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FIND HIVE ... REPLACE STEEM ! Make big tweet about how much work was done ... pretty obvious as to this copy paste strategy

or "maintain" 😂

Not even that

LOL indeed, oh what is ETH doing, download and change to TRX where it says ETH, upload, genius, now time to tweet

What ever happened to @vandeberg and @sgerbino? I always had hope they would take a break and then join us over here.

Well that tells a story. Steem is dead as far as development goes. It's just a place to milk rewards now.

and they are doing that quite well, $120 for a post that has a screenshot of withdrawing Blurt. The rewards are so jacked there now it is crazy.

I don't care if the Steem price crashes, but I guess they have some backers with funds to prop it up.

Thanks for this positive post.. I have a lot of faith in HIVE and the behind the scenes people.


LOL I think those bones will be powder by the time they actually are deployed

Really interesting - I'm always interesting in what metrics we should be using to assess the 'strength' of Hive - given that the daily stats put out by Penguin and Arcange really only tell us a small part of the story.

This is a great addition, and probably a more valid indicator of future potential at this stage than numbers of users/ posts/ jsons and so on.


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Really interesting info!
Thanks for sharing!

Any development is a good development.

Hive on mate thanks for some inside info even if it was just a bit! Much appreciated.

Hive Hodl

I've mostly stayed neutral in the STEEM v HIVE debates, but it's clear that the real community is here. I hate to see our roots become so tainted from an outside source, and it may be time to make an alteration to the tattoos on my hands...

thanks for sharing!

At the beginning I had mixed feelings when we forked out from Steem, I thought power comes from unity, but now I see this is the best thing that could happen to this community! We managed to sort out those people who are against core values of decentrilized blockchain. This stats just confirm my beliefs. Whoever still uses or supports Steem is either blind, ignorant or malicious. Thanks for this post. Cheers!

At the beginning I had mixed feelings when we forked out from Steem, I thought power comes from unity

It does and that is exactly what happened. The people who originally got together to develop Hive were united in their views. This has followed to the community.

People thought there was a split at the time when the unity was among those who has the capabilities to move things forward.

Well... It turned out some people are still more interested in centralisation than decentralization. Tempted with the idea of "big money" coming into play. There comes brake of this unity, it's sad indeed, but might be better in terms of future, another failure point has been eliminated.

Of course this might be seen as demaging but for now I see community is only stronger and more cosolidated. IMO real growth will come with next boom at cryptomarkets. And there is full agree on my side, unity at the core of project is untouched. This brings optimism

Looks like those Steem Devs are on Vacation... all that theft and censorship can really take it out of ya.

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Any news on SMTs?

Won't be in Hard Fork 24, 24 will be dealing with immediate issues regarding the final housework of the fork from Steem.

can't wait to see where we are heading. You guys have been doing a great work. All the developers

Seeing this info I wonder whether blurt is perhaps already getting more development than steem? That would be funny 😆

This may be slightly off topic. I am trying to build myself a list of Dev Types users on Hive. (peakd list function). So far I only have 6 people on that list. I am not a developer, but I do like tying to keep up with what is going on. I even pop in every now and then and read the dev and hive discord rooms.

Is there a list somewhere of who the developers are that do a lot of the Hive block chain work that I can add? (the ones that put out an occasional here is what I have been doing lately type post)

Most of the current core blockchain devs don't post onchain, so I'm generally summarizing their work right now. It's also possible to follow their work on gitlab on any given day using this link:
Unfortunately that only shows a day's worth of history. But it will give you the names of the devs, so you can then see their activity by following those links, like this one:

Thank you, I guess following you howo and markymark and eon and a few others will just have to suffice, at least I feel I am keeping up a little bit.

Thank you for the update!

I assume they are just focusing on how we move all these steem accounts to tron and make our DAU look more than 500 people gambling every day

Thanks for the hive/steem comparison. Good to see Hives dev activity is consistent.