Follow Friday - Guitar Players and the Month In Review.

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Man this week went by quick! It's already Friday... BLACK FRIDAY! I didn't do any shopping today and will probably do most of my shopping online this year. Oh, I ordered a new dust mask from Amazon. So I did shop accidentally I guess. Woops.

As many of you know I play guitar, poorly I might add. I do try though, and I love watching and hearing other people play. This week I thought I'd do a #FollowFriday post of some of my favorite guitarists that I've found on HIVE!

I'll start out with @gtown. He hasn't posted in about a month, but the guy is an incredible guitar player. I hope he's just taking a break for a bit because his content is such a great value to the community.

I've talked about @steevc before. He's a great freind and posts about all sorts of great topics. He also loves to share his guitar videos and is the admin of the guitar community on HIVE. Sooner or later I'm going to post some of my playing on there, I'm a bit shy and still a bit rusty after close to a 20 year break.

Seeing we're on the topic of guitars this follow Friday I recently read that most music stores are having a hard time keeping Guitars on the shelves and Fender guitars is reporting a record year for sales. Apparently with lockdowns and Covid 19 I wasn't the only one who decided to return to guitar playing as a hobby. We may see a huge increase of awesome guitar players in the next few years! That would be cool. The world can always use more music and art!

So I digress... Returning to some FollowFriday guitarist I recently found a few posts by @sketch.and.jam and this guy just rocks. His guitar playing totally inspires me. He has an incredibly unique psychedelic style and is an incredibly versatily player. He also plays many other instruments in his videos. Seriously check this guy out!

@celticheartbeat plays a lot of acoustic folk stuff and I always look forward to coming across his videos in my feed.

If you like guitar playing I hope you check out the above accounts from some really great HIVE content. The HIVE community is truly blessed to have these great artists on our platform.

Seeing it's the last FollowFriday of November. Here are the Follow Friday's from the rest of the month. Stop bye and say high :)

Last Week


Week 2


Week 1


Feel free to shout your favorite content creators in the comments and why you enjoy them or better yet join in the FollowFriday fun. Write a post featuring some of your favorite HIVE personalities and content creators. Use the #FollowFriday tag in the post and in topics and lets find each other! It's a great way to support each other and fun way to meet new people. I hope you decide to join in the fun.


Man this week went by quick! It's already Friday.

I feel the same

Just flying by. The whole year for me, frankly 2021 can't come soon enough though! Cheers man!

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It hard to believe that the year is nearly done. I will be glad to see the back of it.

Same here. Got my fingers crossed that 2021 is a much better year. I've got high hopes!

Well, after my high hopes for 2020, I will be happy with anything better than this one! Less chance of disappointment ...

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Those 3speak videos both start playing when I open this :) Thanks for including me. We have some cool guitarists on Hive and I hope to see more join up. I want to be able to reward them. Keep on rocking!


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Thanks a lot man. I appreciate that