Tipping points

in #hivelast month

The @tenkminnows project has been running for about 18 months. Thanks to some delegations and voting trails it is able to support lots of small accounts and help them get more established on Hive by building up their HP. As the name implies we hoped to get to 10,000 minnows, but we are some way off this. Since the fork away from St++mit we have lost quite a few minnow, dolphins and above.

Chart from @arcange

Although some people are powering down others are still pumping their rewards back into Hive. A few of them may be on the threshold of the next level. This is based on VESTS rather than HIVE with the levels based on powers of ten.

For example @verhp11 is almost a dolphin. You can see this on @hivebuzz. He actually just needs about another 100 HIVE to tip him over.


It would be great to level up some more people by the end of the year. If you know of people who are within a few percent of minnow, dolphin or even orca then let us know and we can look at sending them some extra votes. Milestones give us some extra inspiration.

If you want to do a post about someone who needs some help then please use the tag #HiveTippingPoint.

Hive five!