Nearly minnows who need a little help to get there

in #hive2 months ago (edited)

As mentioned in my last post I have a @HiveSQL query to see who is close to being a minnow. Let us see if we can get a few more over the threshold. The easiest way to check your status is on HiveBuzz.


That number is your 'vests', which get expressed as Hive Power. When it reaches a million you are officially a minnow.

Here are some people who are really close:

  • @juliopalomo is a musician from Venezuela.
  • @calumam seems very interested in the mechanics of crypto.
  • @apoloo1 is from Spain, but posting in English. Seems to like a bit of rock music.
  • @joey1989 is working on a Cadillac.
  • @mihaylov is a fairly new Hivian from Bulgaria.

None of these people are currently powering down and they have posted recently. With a little extra support they could get to minnow sooner.

Hive five!