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Sadly these numbers are not what we have, but they could be targets to aim for. We have seen a decrease in big accounts since the split from Steem and we ought to be back on the way up by now.

Stats from @arcange

We desperately need to retain the new users we get. @steevc has posted about the issues with engagement. We need real interaction and not just automatic votes to keep people posting.


Hive has nearly caught up with the Steemit site for visitors, but we have lost momentum. We have to keep talking about Hive on other platforms. There are various campaigns on Twitter. Is anyone doing anything elsewhere. Without a big company to pay for ads we have to do our own marketing. It is in the interest of each of us for Hive to grow.

Hive five!


I would love to get some of my friends and family from real life in here, but no one gets it. They’re perfectly fine with Facebook and Instagram and whatnot. I even have account creation tokens!

I have the same issue.They are just not that interested. I think the games may be a way to get more people on board, but mobile-friendly is essential.

Wasn't their talk about a community account which could pay for ads? Or use some of the funds from DAO for ads?

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There are plans by @hivepeople to do more marketing. Ads are expensive though. Otherwise it's just word of mouth.

There is already a marketing proposal, that was created by @roomservice to do ads on Brave, this still needs votes.

I think if you added in the visitors from peakd and eceny and other Hive front ends, the numbers would look much much better. I did find that hypestats page pretty interesting.
Adding in from peakd:

  • Daily Unique Visitors from peakd = 68,044
  • Monthly Unique Visitors from peakd 1,633,056
    Total for Hive would be:
  • Daily Unique Visitors 176,914
  • Monthly Unique Visitors 4,245,936

Which does place Hive above Steem.

I think Steem is almost all Steemit these days, but Hive has more diversity. I think we have far more community activity. There is an issue of lots of old links pointing to Steem sites which may take people there.

I think the COVID-19 pandemic is probably not helping with things. You would think people might have more time to post but I think they have other things on their minds that keeps them from being as productive on Hive as they want/could.
Not saying this is the (or even a) cause, just a possibility.

It ought to give people time to be active online, whilst earning. Some of us certainly are :)

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