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RE: Shadowing: The Art of Productive Stalking in Hive

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Leaving comments on popular posts will also get a newer people some attention. Of course, this has to be done a regular basis and not just once or twice.

The key is consistency in action. Most put up a couple posts then leave because they didnt have instant rewards that mirror the trending page.

Communities and being focused in different areas can really help. The layer 2 tokens can add up in value.

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I agree with you. Consistency is the key. Most users just want instant rewards and lose their momentum when they did not get it.

Misaligned expectations.

People thinking they deserve huge rewards for simply being here. Many who are successful, anywhere online, comes as a result of years of work.

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That's true. I always tell people that establishing yourself in Hive (or a path to any success) is like planting a tree. You need to nurture it to grow. It may take years before your harvest, but it will be all worth it.

That is true. One advantage of the tribes is that the period of gestation can be shorter since the number of people involved is smaller.

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