Hive? More Like Jive πŸ’ƒ ( no but really I'm very excited )

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Hive Is Coming...

For those that, somehow, missed the news: A New Chain Called Hive Is Coming, and it's coming soon! ( this Friday, soon! )


Am I Excited?

Obviously I'm going to carefully wait & see how this all develops before embrassing myself again by saying how much I love a certain platform only to have everything go topsy-turvy on me the very next day... Twice ( seriously, my #SPUD posts were always badly timed x^D ).

But, I will cautiously say that I am cautiously very excited... CAUTIOUSLY.

Will I Support The New Chain?

Yes, right outta the gates.

Although I am practicing caution this time round, I am comitted to developing content for the new platform. In the begging, this means restarting my play-by-post rpg game hub: @postplaygames.

No official deadline on when the first game will hit, but I can say it'll happen within 30 days ( barring me dying from corona, or the chain imploding, or nuclear-winter ).

This also includes all future blogs, videos, art, and more to be shared on Hive-Chain.

Will My Dapps Be Moving Over To Hive?

All my new dapp development will support Hive.

  • I'm currently working on @lootkit / with some friends, and we are for sure going to open support for the Hive-Chain.
  • I have several games in development, and all of them will port over to Hive
  • I have a few mobile dapps that I've been mocking up, and they will now be on the Hive blockchain

Do You Like Hive? Or Do You Just Want To Fuck It.

I'd like to repeat the underlying message: I'm excited for the potential of Hive & for what the future may hold, but I will not be advising any investments until we all have a more tangible & clearer understanding of the new platform.

I'm excited, yes, but I'm also careful. I'm sure you are too.


🦢 Footnote:

Excited about Hive? Think we should've done something else? Team decentralized or team Justin? Let me know any & all feedback in the comments. I'm feeling the "spring-cleaning" in the air, but it feels a bit more crypto this time round ;^)


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